Copying files into watched/organized folder aborts due to Roon moving folder

I plugged in a USB drive and set up a Roon folder on it and configured Roon to watch/organize the folder. I then proceeded to copy random, unorganized directories from a network share onto the USB drive. In the middle of the copy, it would abort because Roon would rename the folder/files in the middle of copying. I expected this to work… you have to quit Roon, copy files, then re-open Roon to prevent it from screwing up the copies. Ideally something could be worked out to do this while Roon is running.

I’d think it should work something like:

  • The modification time for a directory containing at least one music file is the MAX(modtime) of the directory or any file within it (recursively)
  • The auto-organization kicks in if the current time is >= 5 seconds past the computed max modtime above

If it worked like that, as long as a copy was not stalled/stopped then the modtime would continually be updating and Roon would not attempt to import/move anything until the copy for that particular directory finished.

Sub-folders containing music files would still be organized as the copy progresses, but the top-level folders would not be moved/removed until everything finishes.

I’m having this problem now: when I copy a folder or some files to my watched folder it fails because files and folders move before they are fully copied.

The folder is on my NAS, it’s where I the files are stored after I rip my CD’s (XLD can’t rip straight to its proper folder as far as I know).

It can be circumvented by ripping to a temp folder before copying it to RoonMusic. If it’s on the same drive it’s done in a second and it does work.