Copying Music Files from my external hard drive to my internal drive

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I have a Mac Studio OSMac Monterey Version 12.6, with 64GB of RAM, with the Apple M1Max, Storage 8TB SS.

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I want to copy all of the music files that are on my external hard drives Thunderbay and put them on the internal hard drive SS. How would I do it where I won’t end up with 2 copies of the file in the Roon Library? I don’t want to see 2 copies of every song.

I’ve done this a few times so if you have any specific questions I’m happy to help.

I realize now that the folder (which is on my external hard drive) that has the music files also has backup files that are being copied into the music library. At this point because of that it’s showing that I have way over a million tracks…it’s just a mess. How do I start from scratch where I just wipe clean the music library on Roon? I then want to physically move my music files to another folder which will be on my internal hard drive on my Mac Studio Desktop. Then once the music files are moved to another folder I’ll want to then point Roon to that new folder that has my music.

Sounds like you should tidy up at the same time

How ever you do it BACK UP FIRST :smiling_imp:

I put a 4tb SSD into my NUC. My files were in F:/musiclibrary i just copied and pasted to the new drive without specifying the new drive in Roon. Keeping the exact folder structure

Once copied i set Settings Storage to the new drive and DISABLED the old drive , because the folder structure was identical Roon just imported it

Once done i finally REMOVED the old drive reference and did a database clean up.You should see files in the MIDDLE section of the clean up screen not the top one

It was really quite painless. I suspect Roon just substitutes the path start as long as the main path stays the same

Hi, I just need to uninstall(delete everything) Roon(the library) and its core. Need to remove everything from the library and also delete its data base. Maybe down the line ill do a fresh install but for now its a mess because of the backups getting into the library which was totally my fault. Please Help me!

its on a Mac Studio external hard drive. MacOS Monterey version 12.6

  1. Stop/exit Roon on the Mac which is running your Roon Core.
  2. Go to the location of the Database folder (see article below)
  3. Rename the Database folder to Database_old
  4. Restart Roon - it will create a new, empty database, so you can import afresh.
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