Core audio exclusive mode is not showing on os x [solved]

Try Roon and love it
But I’m worry about my signal path - is this correct?
I think I need core audio exclusive mode in there for optimum quality - but I only see os x mixer in the end of chain
How may I fix it?
I use iMac connected via USB to Devialet 400

Settings attached
This happened on all file formats - from wav to dsd

That’s definitely wrong, the system output light should be purple.

Have you tried disabling AIR? Both in Roon and on the system in case there’s a conflict? I’m on 10.9.5 but have exclusive and integer and it’s fine. You don’t need to go inti midi settings, Roon sorts that out.

FYI max DSD on Devialet is 64.shouldnt matter with those files but…

Here’s my settings.

Air is completely disabled! Have tried dsd64 setting too
Tried Your setting too
Nothing changes! I’ll see only Output OS Mixer

Hard to see because the USB settings cover it, but AIR looks enabled in your Roon because it has the coggs next to it. Anything in mine that’s disabled has the coggs for settings hidden? Possibly system output and internal speakers are enabled too?

Are you showing the configuration for the Devialet USB output here or for system output?

Many, many thanks, it works! Before I switch off Devialet Air in Mac OS panel, but it still exists on Roon setting

Now I disable Air in Roon Settings and Exlusive Mode works fine

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