Core connection problems

I am trying to set up Roon for the first time. I am using the Ayre QX-5 with an ethernet connection to both a NAS drive and Antipodes. It can not find the libraries. What am I missing?

Don, in Roon Control go to Settings/Storage. Under ‘Watched Folders’ there will be a ‘Music Folder’ entry showing the path ‘/storage/music/flac’ which is your Antipodes music library. It should be ‘Watching for tracks in real time’ and also show the number of tracks of tracks that have been imported.

You need to add your NAS drive to ‘Watched Folders’ by clicking ‘Add Folder’ and then entering the path to the NAS drive at ‘Network Path’. The path will be in the format ‘smb://nas/nasmusic’ where ‘nas’ is the hostname of the drive and ‘nasmusic’ the name of the shared folder on the drive.

You can contact if you need further assistance to find the libraries.