Core constantly reboot

Roon Core Machine

Nuc I5 with 8 giga , Linux connected by usb to hdd

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Connected to Brinkmann dad by Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

The roon core keeps rebooting with or without Roon radio on.
This started after the 882 update and keeps happening after the 884 update.
Been told by support it was solved by the 884 v and it was caused by the Roon radio algorithm, but now after the 884 update it happens with the Roon radio on or off.

Will appreciate the support team assistance.

Hey @isaac_ross,

Thanks so much for following up on your post. It’s extremely helpful, especially in situations as critical as having Roon crash while playing. We’re terribly sorry :pensive:

I wonder if you could reinstall Roon on your machine? Please, make sure to save a backup before doing so, to restore afterwards in case it’s needed. A simple reinstall shouldn’t interfere with your database.

Please explain what you mean by “simple reinstall”

I should correct myself: simply reinstalling shouldn’t interfere with the database.

Please, navigate to the web UI and click on reinstall.

I cant see in the setup menu the described web ui
This is what I see in setup menu

@beka , As you understand, I am not a computer expert.
Can you guide me step by step how should I backup and reinstall the Roon core?

You’re looking at the Roon app’s UI on your smartphone, not yet the Web Administration Interface.

As the article that @beka linked to states, first click the Find button that is shown in your screenshot. This will give you the network address of your Nucleus. Then, enter this address into your Web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari) to display the Web Administration Page of the Nucleus.

To take a Backup, on your smartphone’s Roon interface (which is showing the Settings pages in your screenshot), swipe left on the menu bar (…Storage, Services, Setup, etc.) to get to the Backup page, and then use this to take a manual Backup if you have not previously setup Roon to make Scheduled Backups.

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Ok thanks. So on this page just click operating system - Reinstall?

Yes, but as Rebeka says, first make sure you have a Backup for safety’s sake.

Ok. How long should the reinstall will take?

If I recall correctly, it should only take a couple of minutes to do the reinstall. Depending on the size of your library, the first boot and startup of the Roon system could take longer.

@Geoff_Coupe Thank you

@Geoff_Coupe is the reinstall procedure is the same no matter which OS (the OS in my computer is Linux)?

Er, you should only see the Web Administration Interface page with its Reinstall option if you are running Roon OS - which is installed by ROCK.

Roon OS is a purpose-built version of Linux, yes, but you won’t see this web page if you have installed Roon on another Linux distro or on Windows or MacOS…

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@Geoff_Coupe , After doing reinstall to Roon core, The system keeps restarting.
What can I do?

For clarification, you originally posted that your Roon Core (which I assume is a ROCK/NUC setup) was constantly rebooting. Now that you have Reinstalled the OS via the Web Administration Interface, there is no change: the Rock Core is still rebooting. Is this the case?

Yes I did the reinstalling through the web following your instructions and it keeps rebooting.
IT can play for 3 hours with no problems and sometimes after only 30 minutes it reboots
Do I need to do another reinstall after the last update?

Since reinstalling has seemingly had no effect on the rebooting issue, then further diagnosis would seem to be called for.

There may be a hardware issue at play here, e.g. the NUC is overheating (fan blocked up with dust), or faulty RAM, or the RAM is poorly seated, for example.

Can you check the NUC physically for these issues? If there’s nothing obvious, perhaps @beka can pull logs from the Core to check these?

I did let a technician checking the nuc and he said it is fine.
It doesn’t warm up at all. If it was, I don’t think that it work fine sometimes for more than 3 hours and sometimes reboot after 30 minutes.
How can I know if it is a ram problem?
How much ram is recommended?
Does controlling the Roon from iPad or android can do the problem.
I ask it because through the IPad , scrolling is very slow. (Is it normal that the Roon app in the IPad has more than 17 BG of storage?)
Can @beka see from the logs the causing issue?