Core on Mac Mini M1 vs Asus I5 Windows 10 ca 2017

I do not know… I think not… Just my laziness, For sure with a Pi I would get more than 256DSD

I found the M1 Mac mini to sound better than the PC as a core. Now I’m happy with it being the core.
I have a share on my Synology NAS that only Roon and Audirvāna can use built up from purchased downloads and some ripped cd’s.
All good so far. But there is still som work to do. The core under the guise of a new Mac mini goes to sleep every night and need to be waken up and logged in to.
How can I fix a scheduled auto login in Mac OS Ventura?

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I just leave it on all the time, never really got to know how login for roon work. After every sleep I had to wake up the mini using screensharing from another Mac and only after that reopen roon

Try the app “amphetamine” and the Mac stays awake. I have my MacBook running for weeks sometimes.

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My Monterey Mac mini are assigned to work as endpoint and can do auto login and a specific time. Go on Energy saver and a few boxes come up. But the same path does not work in a new Ventura Mac mini.
On Energy saver there is no schedule to click on. Auto login is in Users and groups.

But if they automatically turn on and you use them as endpoints does roon automatically start playing music on them?
I was referring to the mini as core… it goes to sleep as roon it is not playing… I want to play so I open the Roon Remote and cannot play until I manually log on the mini core

The mini as a Core has unfortunately OS13 Ventura installed.
Now I have made it never shut down HD. That is ok in my region where electricity is relatively cheap, it costs about 6 cent/hour.

With OS13 this Energy saving feature was omitted by Apple.

Desktop computers with Monterey or earlier has auto login that you can decide when it will sleep and wake.

Maybe Ventura is more energy friendly, you have to shut down and start by hand :slight_smile:

I thought that was a ok feature did not now why they kill it. There are some third party software now.

Scheduled energy settings can be set via Terminal in Ventura:

See the man page referenced in the article for the gory details.

If anyone can recommend a third party software for scheduling energy setting, that would be great I am very much interested.

Many thanks in advance.

It’s not like the M1 uses full performance when awake. 4 cores are efficiency cores anyway that clock down to 600mhz. And I think the same applies for the GPU cores.

On desktop Ventura, you have to go to Terminal using:
sudo pmset repeat shutdown MTWRSU 00:00:00


sudo pmset repeat restart MTWRSU 07:00:00
Cumbersome. :weary:

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I found this one:
Power Manager

Looks nice, but does anybody know of a cheaper alternative?
besides “pmset”. :wink:

I have a 2014 Mac Mini I use as a Core. I installed an SSD and it’s been doing wonders lately. May upgrade to a M2 Mac Mini late on.

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Interested in your experience. I run a legacy MacMini at the end of its tenure, so I will need a replacement in the hopefully semi-distant future. Will you run 5.1 files via HDMI fin the M2? If so, please relate your results! Thanks!


Sure. But how often do you need to set up the Mac mini to shutdown and then start up? If you really need a GUI for this, you can buy that app…

By the way, you missed a day…

It should be:

sudo pmset repeat shutdown MTWRFSU 00:00:00


sudo pmset repeat restart MTWRFSU 07:00:00

Yeah I plan on at least getting the entry level Mac Mini. But interested in your experience. My 2014 Mac Mini I added a WD Black SSD. That’s been the gamechanger for me.

I don’t think it’s overkill. Mac Mini is super cheap and can do many things. We would all dream about having a Nucleus but at $2k I’m not sure about it.

I’m still on a 2020 m1. Only I image a nucleus runs a little bit cleaner as you do not have all the apps. But editing the sys prefs in osx takes about an hour. For the moment I only do streaming so no need for a storage. I did get the 16G just to be future-roof. I’ve noticed that if you get the full specs versions of apple models they tend to last 1 or 2 years longer.

Quick question (as I hestitate to pay 50 bucks for the app ,)), what would be the syntax if I want to delete such a setting?
and is there on option to list all currently active settings?

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