Core on Synology in Docker. Can't direct to music shared folder

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Synology DS920+
Roon core running in Docker on SSD

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Can’t for the life of me figure out the proper address for my music folder.
Any ideas out there?

Presumably your music is currently on a NAS share? Which Docker image are you using also?


yes. Music is on a shared folder

Have you got to grips with mapping storage locations from your host (QNAP) to the Docker container at all? You’ll need all of your persistent data mapped to storage outside of the container on the NAS. The Docker container provides four mapping “hints”:

  • /app for application data
  • /data for Roon’s database, best mapped to SSD storage if possible
  • `/music’ for your music library
  • `/backup’ for Roon backups

The NAS path to your music share needs mapping to /music on the Docker container. This thread may help:

Thanks. I’ll review

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I’m happy to provide more help (that rather assumes that any of the above was helpful :wink: ) if you have questions. I have plenty of Docker experience but I don’t own a Synology NAS so I won’t be that useful on Synology’s Docker UI. One other thing to consider, there is a dedicated Roon app for Synology that may be easier to work with:

You may know this and have good reasons for going with Docker. Good luck.

Edit Scratch the bit about the dedicated app, that’s for i3 or better NAS units. You may find that your device is a little underpowered to run the core via Docker though.

Did the walkthrough help? The final part of the walkthrough talks about how to map your music folder into the container. You shouldn’t have to figure out the textual path to the folder - you should be able to use the folder picker that comes up when you click “Add Folder”.

Hope you got everything up and running!

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