Core will not start

I, hope I may ask a question here.

I’m a total digital nono so could you please help. My Roon core wil not start.

I get this on my Mac mini display. My room core runs on a Nuc.


Please Help Gerwin Knippenborg

What happens if you 'Kies een andere core"? Do you get an option to choose the Nuc?

For help, please give the info that was in the form that you were presented when you opened this thread.


@Gerwin_Knippenborg, your remote cannot connect to your Roon core, which means it is not reachable on your network.

Please verify that the core is running. If you are running ROCK on the NUC, type the following in a web browser: http://rock.local.

Furthermore, try restarting everything, including all network equipment.

Hi @Gerwin_Knippenborg,

I thank you for your patience in awaiting an official response from Roon.

I looked and it appears your core is now online and communicating with Roon. Are you still having issues?

Please let us know.


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