Correct Download Help

Hi Folks. I’ve been considering signing up for Roon for many months based on all the great reviews and feedback. I want to give it a try, but could use your assistance on the best package to download for my needs (and what I hope to accomplish).
Current setup:
I have an Ethernet connected 1TB HP laptop containing my music library running JRiver. I also have an attached USB HDD for backup.
I can either a) DLNA stream music files directly to my Marantz SR5010 AVR, or b) send music files via USB to my Oppo 105D BD that “by-passes” D to A conversion and goes directly via HDMI to the Marantz AVR. I have been doing mostly the latter, since the DLNA stream is less stable and occasionally cuts out. I am not sure if this is caused by the laptop (Windows), JRiver, or the AVR, or a combination of all.
I have been streaming Tidal HiFi directly to the Oppo BD unit and again out through HDMI to the AVR. This has been reliable, but I have essentially two systems: one for my music, and one for Tidal.
I would like to integrate the two systems in a seamless fashion. Preferably both being streamed directly to the AVR and controlled by my Samsung tab A tablet.
Do I want to download basic Roon (that includes Core, Control, Output), or Roon Server? How do I know if my laptop supports Open GL 3.0 ? I have an HP Envy 17, Intel i7, with 12GB RAM, with Windows 10, 64bit. I also have installed Fidelizer 7.9 to suppress unnecessary functions of Windows that may interfere with music. (I only want to use this a music server). I also assume that I want to download Roon Remote to allow control of above.

You need Roon core on a machine. If from that machine you want to control Roon then you need the whole install. If you don’t need or want control on core machine (many people control from Android or iOS) then Roon server will work. Yes, Roon remote is to control Roon. If you want to send to another room and you have ethernet or WiFi there then you need an endpoint running Roon Bridge. You’re on WIN10 so you’re probably OK for Open GL, but here’s more explanation -

Roon comes with a free trial, so you can experiment before you commit.

Thanks much - this answers my questions