Cost no object Roon Ready network bridge

Nope. I use the i9 only for Roon. The Innuos is a fully functional LMS server in its own right.

Wow. A whole lot of computer audio BS in this thread. Just stick with a basic microRendu or a basic SOtM 500. No optical crap.


Wow! I was wondering when the snake oil screechers would show up. Wtf is a “SOtM 500” is anyways

I think he means a “Soul of the Music” sMS-200 (the 500 is the power supply, I believe). Looks like an overbuilt Raspberry Pi.

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Oh I am very familiar with SOtM. I was been facetious. I used to own the sMS-200, then the sMS-200Ultra. Both powered by the same sMS-1000 (which by the way is significantly better than the sPS-500). Oh by the way, I still have a microRendu. From maybe 3-4 years ago, when things like that were still in their infancy.

Had an ultraRendu for about 18 months. Great solution that got me able to use Roon in my setup (Hegel H190, all ethernet). Sounds great and worked flawlessly. It died a couple of weeks ago. Bought a Lumin T2 which goes via XLR as opposed to the USB input for uR. The difference is striking to say the least. As it should be for the price differential. Cannot recommend the Lumin highly enough.


But if price does not matter, go ethernet in and sound out ! :grin: Dutch & Dutch 8C’s should be Roon Ready this year.

But I assume you love your current speakers+amp+DAC, so if you really need USB out, my vote goes to the opticalRendu.

Get a good high current output medical grade PSU for it.

A raspberry Pi with Ropieee


I have the X1 and it rocks. But is a DAC too…

I use a SOtM sMS-200 Ultra Neo and am quite pleased.

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I use a FriendlyArm NanoPi Neo-Plus 2, very good and easy, if you know about a little about Linux.

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Oh dear Anders. If you don’t have any recommended ethernet in & USB out products in reply to the opening post, maybe find another thread to ramble & rant on?

Or jump over here?

Let people enjoy what they enjoy and discuss what they enjoy.

Life is short. Surely one can’t just ramble & rant everywhere forever.

I somehow completely missed this package existed. Just bought a competing product. I’ll bump this to the top of my list next time I get the itch to try something new. Thanks for posting.

Antipodes audio ex and Cx = 14 g or about

Diamond encrusted Raspberry Pi case.


Latest Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical - equivalent to Tier III upgrade.

If You do not need some expensive or fancy (w/display) stuff why not to try with USB Reclocker (SOtM, Innuos,…)

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The only output available in Signature Rendu SE Optical is USB, from how I understood it.

Yes only USB.
I own one…you also must have a fiber media converter (FMC) to run the SigRenu SE.I use the sonore opticalModule which needs a separate power supply.