Cost no object Roon Ready network bridge

Hit me up. Price does not matter. No DAC needed. I have one that I will keep no matter what.

The only requirements, Ethernet in, USB out. Desired: artwork on screen (not really important)

Just building a list. Thanks!

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Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical - $4500


Karl: I don’t think that has USB out. Thanks though

Ahhhh… I was probably wrong. Hard to read on Sonore website, but it does look like this has USB output. A picture of the back would have helped. I probably confuse it with previous Signature Rendu, which I think only had i2S and coax outputs. Thanks!

Lumin T2, S1 or X1…break the bank but it’s not my dosh :wink:

I appreciate your input, but as I said, I don’t need a DAC. Just a network bridge, Roon Ready, going USB out to my DAC

Then the other lumins probably U1…sorry missed the bit about dac…what dac are you using?

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Thanks! In my list now

Sorry, I missed your second part of your question. My DAC is MSB Discrete with dual power supplies and ProISL / ProUSB modules combo

Doesn’t MSB make an Ethernet module that is Roon Ready for their DACs?

Yes it does, but when I bought mine, Jon Archer let me try both, and I preferred the ProISL module more. So I went with that. And I don’t want to buy another module now (pricey). This attached is what I am talking about:

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Now that I know what DAC you have, you could also consider the very fine dCS Network Bridge. It doesn’t use USB out (too noisy!) but you can do 24/192 and DSD64 over a single AES connection. You can do DXD and DSD128 over a dual AES connection but I’m not sure if MSB has an add-on module for that.

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Yes, the dCS Bridge is in my list. A couple of people we both know love it. Having said this, I would prefer to stay with USB output. Perhaps subjectively :wink:

Yeah, I’m aware of it. I’ve had a couple MSB DACs in from CPAV for demo and comparison to my Vivaldi stack. They are very nice and very pricey, as you say.

Needless to say, it will be tough to beat your Vivaldi full stack, so I am not surprised. I imagine you demoed MSB Premier and higher? With power base and upgraded clocks?

I’ll throw the Auralic Aries G2 in the hat. I don’t personally have one, but I do have the Vega G2 DAC, and they share a lot of the same build, user interface, and codebase. One plus side is they have a pretty large display to see what is playing while sitting in your lounger. (Since I use Roon exclusively to manage and play back music, I didn’t see the point in the Aries since I would never use Auralic’s own LightningDS music management app. I just needed a good Roon Ready DAC with a nice display, which the Vega fulfills.)


Yup! That was already in my list. Thanks! The display looks awesome

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Antipodes EX but it is ethernet only, no wifi. USB out is the best there is.


Well you said money no object, so I would say SGM Extreme although it’s more than just a bridge. :smile:

Dcs network bridge, lumin u1, lumin u1 mini. auralic aries g1, auralic aries g2