Cover art missing on Roon Remotes and Crestron

Hey All,

Just integrated my Nucleus with my Crestron system. Crestron Mediaplayer is basic…but it works. I’m only getting about 30% of my cover art. Are there any tricks to getting more cover art on the screens? I have almost every files type and I’m aware that some file types treat the metadata differently. Just wondering what I should be looking at?!



Hey @Dwayne_Carter ,

Can you share some screenshots of the issue? Do you see this artwork appear in the Roon app or does it fail to appear there as well? Are these less popular artists/albums?

Aahhh…you are on to something! YES! the app does not have the cover art, either! Which is odd. No cover art for classics like AC/DC Back in Black?!! That’s odd?

I did use RESTORE to move my DB from my NAS core to a new Nucleus core? Did I lose my cover art during the restore? Is there a way to rescan cover art?

I hope someone can help me. This will drive me crazy all weekend!! OK…here’s some screenshots and steps I’ve taken so far:

Setup: Roon Nucleus (v1 or A…the original). No SSD in Nucleus. OS=Version 1.0 (build 227) stable, Roon Server=Version 1.8 (build 936) stable, Roon Software=Version 1.0 (build 12) stable, Roon DB=98% of 55 GB available

Issue: Very little Cover Art on most albums OR Tidal?! I did a restore from my NAS, to the Nucleus.

What have I done so far…

  • Rebooted the Nucleus
  • Rebooted the NAS
  • Cleared the Cache
  • Did a “Force Rescan” on all file locations (on a NAS).

None of this worked. Here’s some screenshots. HELP…anyone?


Hello @Dwayne_Carter ,

Sorry for the slow response here, this thread should have been moved to #support since more than just your Crestron remotes were impacted.

I did want to touch base with some good news, I looked over your logs and it looks like you were experiencing an issue with IPv6 communication that we fixed in our release yesterday. |

If you haven’t yet, please try to update Roon to build 952 on your Core and Roon Remotes. Hopefully, the update resolves this on your end, but if you still see issues after, do let us know and we will take another look, thanks!

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