Covers... Any solutions, any suggestions?


I would like to know how other fellow users of Roon does manage to see covers while playing

I started to use Roon with a Squeezebox Touch and, as with Logitech Media Server, covers were shown.

As a quite logical evolution for better performance I have switched to Project Combo with Stream Box and PreBox S2. Not the time for speaking about its performance.

But… I really miss to see covers of the “now playing”. It is quite complex for me to turn on TV and use it for display it trough the web surfer. It works, but too big for me.

Any suggestions, any solution?

I bought a 10" screen for connecting the S2 Stream Box but did not show covers, only menus.

I have been thinking about a small tablet but maybe there is any other workaround more effective

And I think the tablet, has to be manually connected to a web surfer and added by Roon very playing session…I want to find out also something more “automatic”

Thank you

I’m not sure exactly what you are asking but I see album covers on the device I am using as a remote, phone etc

Yes Sir but I use to spend hours and I simply do not want to take cellphone if Roon radio makes sound something I would like to see who or what.

A simply look to a screen would be enough :slight_smile:

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I really don’t understand what you mean but I will leave for others to decipher.

StreamBox does, as Roon, trough the app on your cellphone/tablet.

My goal (which I am sorry not to be able to better explain) is to have a cover on screen somewhere out the cellphone.

Like Roon does nowadays with the option of showing into screen by a web browser.

So my question would be if someone has found any small screen capable of doing so in an easy way.

You can build a raspberry pi, with the official 7" screen and RoPieee, and configure it as a display for album art.

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Your answer sounds logical but really quite lost about your explanation

Any link to see what do you explain?

Btw this Roopie will be also consider as a player itself and appear as this in the Roon players list?

And also and above it all THANKS

Heres an example. I have one of these, running Ropieee. Both a display and also atouch remote:

It’s the Audiophonics RaspTouch…

Grab a used iPad.

Or, build one of these:


Jim, you gave a great idea!

I am not very used about tablets and I still have to configure it for use the whole screen and not showing the tabs on top, but this can be useful and quick (I got it at home) and cheap

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I will try to configure both as player and clock when not in use.

I think is a good solution.

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I have minor issues about configuration and rest mode for the screen but seems as a good solution to have an old tablet as screen for Roon “now playing”

Thank you

My now playing screen is an Amazon Fire HD 8 in portrait mode. Screen resolution is too low for the full fat roon experience so very little wasted space and it looks good.

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