CPU usage high on Mac OS

I’ve noticed the performance of my Late 2016 MacBook Pro deteriorate when I’m running Roon from time-to-time. It’s taken a couple of weeks to see this happen, so I thought I’d share now.

As controller–Roon Server is running on another machine–everything is fine and then all of a sudden CPU rises quickly to around 50-60% and the laptop is unusable; applications and keyboard entry laggy and unresponsive.

Close Roon and performance returns to normal immediately, even after restarting Roon.

I’m also running High Sierra 10.13.4.

The most recent occurrence was shortly after I hooked up a Chord Mojo with Crossfeed (Jan Meier’s Settings) enabled.

Hey @Martin_Webster,

We have been investigating these reports in the original thread you posted in, but the team has decided to split these reports into their own threads and do some individual troubleshooting on each report so we can gather more data to help with the investigation.

In order to gain some greater insight as to what might be happening, may I would like to ask a few questions about what you are experiencing:

  • Can you please provide details on your Core machine?
  • When the happens on the Mac Remote device, is everything working as expected still on the Core machine? Are other remotes still able to connect and operate normally?
  • If you are able to (I know it may be difficult from the lag/unresponsiveness), does changing the zone you are playing to resolve this behavior?
  • Is that the average amount of time it takes for this to happen? Is Roon constantly running during this time?

  • Have you noticed any patterns regarding this behavior? Are you playing any specific types files when this happens (TIDAL vs local)? Are you doing anything in particular when this happens (Mac sitting idle, radio, changing tracks, etc.)?

  • Does this device use an SSD for internal storage?


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