%CPU usage too high on OS X ElCap. Needs Roon restart to "reset"

A couple of issues from a MacBook Air 2009 (1.8GHz Intel Core 2 duo), occasionally used for verification of our SoundPimp audio enhancer on OSX. Recently, this Mac was granted the role as the major roon client on the lab, serving us well. Some background as it can be relevant:

After running the highly recommendable script available from http://www.sonicstudio.com/amarra/howtobuildaserver.php, the MacBook is (more than) fast enough for said roon role. In addition to the machine calming very much down, this script removed a serious OS X bug causing USB Audio to loose connection to the DAC every “30 minutes”. My quess is that the NapApp gone was helpful here. Issues:

  1. FULLSCREEN. A tiny annoyance is that in fullscreen mode, the Menu/Back/Forward buttons quarrels with the popup behavior of the OS X top menu. This overlap requires a concentrated user! The three finger swiping for Back/Forward that could have been the resque does not work (It works in browsers on this machine). Note that roon in full screen mode is kind of mandatory because it enables the four finger sweep to the next full screen application. Perhaps the quick fix, when it is detected that there is no touchscreen available on the device, would be to always show the menuline, also in the full screen mode?

  2. CPU USAGE TOO HIGH. Sometimes (not too often), roon starts to consume 45-60% cpu in a constant, overnight fashion. If I understand this babysitting, triple-sandboxed-for-your-safety&survival OS X “thing” correctly, it is not absolute %cpu even if it says so, but the relative fraction of the total cpu usage, but I am not sure.

Anyway, restart is the remedy for this cpu issue. On this MacBook Air this is necessary because the machine response becomes too slow when roon enters this sidetrack.

The suggestion could be to investigate if there could be OS X features removed via the Sonic Studio script to which roon has this or that dependency? And then, when the OS X feature is not found anymore, a roon loop of sorts becomes active? If not, this is a general error herebye reported. I have no additional clues. For example, the connection to the roon server is ok.

(For roon users with a similar machine, I sneak in a tip: After installing the “Macs fan control” utility, using sensor based temp settings, the fan of this old Mac went from being constantly audible to almost always inaudible. Highly recommended.)

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