Cracking Noise on Roon Endpoint running Ropieee

I am using 2 roon endpoints at the moment running ropieee XL. Since some time on one endpoint (both are running on the same version) I get a cracking noise between 2 songs. I tried to turn of the fading between the songs, but this did not change anything. The noise is not between every single song, but very often.
Has anyone an idea what I can do?
Before this issue started, this endpoint was running months without any problems.


You may want to let the community know, which HAT or USB DAC you’re using.

That said, it could well be due to sample rate changes.
And if that’s the case, using Roon’s sample rate conversion to upsample all material to the same rate would probably cure the symptom.

…and the Raspberry Pi model.

And also whether the songs with a crack have different sample rates?

One of my ropieee endpoints with an audio HAT makes a pop when changing sample rate.

I set it to always upsample to 192k which solves the issue.

Hi! And thanks for your quick response!

Sorry, of course I should have told the community my exact setup:

  • HiFiBerry DAC 2 HD
  • Raspberry Pi 4

I understand the hint about the sample rates. I have to observe.
My second Pi uses an other HiFiBerry Amp2. There I have no issues.

I will try the upsamlping method and report…
Thanks for now

oh… I guess I would need some help to do the correct settings for a fixed sample rate!

Just set it for “Max PCM rate (power of 2)” in DSP for the corresponding end point.

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My Dac2HD can pop so hopefully the upsampling will fix it.

I just always upsample to 192.

…hmm… I did change the pcm rate, but the cracks are still there…

Maybe show screenshots of device settings and DSP settings?

Of course…here is my setup:

My Ropiee called “Kitchen”

my Roon Settings of “Kitchen”

Are you using a USB DAC in addition to the HAT?
If not, try deselecting it and check.

Also deselect MQA renderer, since it can’t do the rendering anyway, and check.

Do away with crossfade and volume leveling also, but remove one option at a time to check for changes in behavior.

One more:
I don’t think it supports device volume, so try fixed for giggles.

Any Ropieee XL features enabled?
If so, toggle them as well…

Try changing “Max pcm rate (power of 2)” to “Max pcm rate” otherwise you will still get a sample rate change when switching between 44.1 and 48 material.

You could also check the Roon signal path between tracks that click and see what sample rate is being decoded.

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Good catch!

Have you swapped the USB cable?

Hi there!
Sorry for the late response…got my first child these days :wink:

I did some changes now and will listen if the craxx are still there.

1 turend of USB in Ropieee. I do not have a usb aditional to my HAT
2 switched the DSP to “MAx pcm rate”
3 switched MQA to “no support”
4 Device volume is working, so I kept this
5 Ropieee XL - Airport is enabled. I kept this for the first try

I will report after some time listening…thanks for now for that plenty hints on this!

…but I still wander why this was not a problem from beginning… I was using my setup for more than a year without any issues…!?

First of all: congratulations!

Well, there’s quite ‘some stuff’ involved. A lot of software, a lot of hardware.
As this is about a HAT… can you test without device volume? Then you can rule out that it’s this part that is generating the noise.

Hi there!

It seems the cracks are history!
I guess the DSP settings was the solution…

And I guess I know why this issue popped out - but I am not sure - maybe it came because I changed my tidal subscription. Some songs are in master audio and some not…maybe this caused the cracks.

I will test some more to find out the exakt reason, and report here!

Thanks for now!

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I’m having the same issue at the beginning of tracks.


  • Rpi 4 8GB
  • Allo Boss DAC HAT
  • RoPieee 2022.05.1 (0299)
  • Qobuz (so no MQA)
  • No DSP whatsoever
  • No DSD tracks
  • Volume control - Device volume

Changing the Volume control to Fixed volume resolves the issue but I’d like to use the Device volume as my valve preamp doesn’t have a remote control.

Also, when Device volume is selected, occasionally when adjusting the volume the sound cuts out for a second.