Cracking noise when playing over AIR

Hi all,

I’m using a MacMini for Core Library management, the music being stored on a Synology NAS. The Mac is connected to my D120 thru RJ45 (Ethernet), just like the Synology.
I configured Roon with the default system output, fixing just the output level (100%) vwhile AIR’s default playback rates are 24 bits and 96kHz.

I tested my configuration with iTunes and AIR both over Ethernet and Wi-Fi without any issue.

However, when playing from Roon, on several occasions I’m hearing cracking sounds just like on a turntable (sic). I tried both Ethernet and Wi-Fi AIR with the same “vintage” results.

Is it a known issue? Any chance it could be solved so I can take a lifetime commitment?

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PS: My MacMini is end of 2009 with 2Gb of RAM and 160Gb SATA drive (not SSD).

Hey @alphafox,

Sorry for the trouble here. We’ve heard about some stability issues with Devialet’s Air driver, but most people have been able to get things working.

The first thing I would recommend is using Exclusive mode with the D120, as opposed to the system output. Are you seeing it as an available output under the Audio tab in Settings? If so, you should enable it, then click the little gear to configure Exclusive mode and other audio settings.

Let me know what you’re seeing Arnaud, and we’ll figure out what’s going on here. Thanks!

Hello Mike,
Thank you for your answer. I tried the Exclusive Mode with a very disappointing result: no sound at all. Then I did some testing:

  • Roon on SP3 Windows 10 with Devialet AIR: working perfectly
  • Roon on SP3 Windows 10 with Devialet USB: working perfectly
  • Roon on SP3 Windows 10 with Devialet ASIO: working perfectly
  • Ronn on MacMini Yosemite with Devialet USB: working perfectly
  • Roon on MacBookPro Yosemite with Devialet AIR: same cracking sounds

So, I am now using the MacMini headless connected to my D120 via USB, while the Surface Pro 3 is used as a remote to browse thru my library. BTW, congratulation for the great experience, so far in English: do you have any plan to cover other languages like French?

Best regards,


I don’t have an exact timeline, but we do expect to localize the app at some point and french would be in the first round of supported languages.

Thanks for the kind words and information! We’re working on getting some Devialet hardware so we can look into the issues with AIR on Mac. Hopefully we have an update soon, but I’m glad you were able to get things working. Let us know if anything else comes up!