Crackling and popping sounds

Roon Core Machine

Imac Retina 5K, 2015 3.2 GHz Quad-Core INtel Córę i5, 32 GB 1867 DDR3### Networking Gear & Setup Details

Virgin Hitron Technology CGV4 - Bluesound is on Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound POWERNODE2i, Bluetooth APTX for headphones, Cable for speakers

Number of Tracks in Library

26795 tracks

Description of Issue

Regular crackling and popping sound (every few seconds - can be 10 second gap and up to 30 second) when played through Bluesound Power Node 2i (Speakers and Bluetooth Headphones) Speakers KEF LS50 and Headphones Seinheiser Momentum 3.
Doesn’t crackle and pop when playing direct from Core through Mac.
However it makes no difference to crackling sound whether its through Tidal or ALAC on Mac -it happens on both.

Image 21-09-2021 at 08.13

![Image 21-09-2021 at 07.59|466x110](upload://u00qYJToIpZaZIRi6MdaoIHvkd7.jpeg) ![Image 21-09-2021 at 07.58|316x162](upload://8QtpN9Sa7ADfMbtwxTcT9HwfGnF.jpeg)

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Hello @Nicholas_Doyle and welcome to the Roon community :wave:

Thanks so much for not only sharing the details of the issue you’re going through, but for also making the effort to figure out when it happens :nerd_face:

Since you’ve already tried a few configurations, the next step would be to temporarily use a different device as a Roon Core, if you have one available. Does it still happen then?

As far as the devices are concerned, does the crackling happen with each of them individually? Do you hear the same crackling if you play music to these devices outside of Roon? Could you please check for firmware updates for these devices and, if available, update them?

Finally, you mentioned the speakers (KEF LS50 and Bluesound Power Node 2i?) are connected via cable. Have you tried replacing the cable temporarily? What about the other devices, how are they connected?

Thanks a lot :pray:


Thanks for this - I loaded Roon Core on to MacBook Air and made sure all firm ware etc was up to date. I don’t think it can be cables as it simply doesn’t happen with Tidal (or any other source) through Bluesound.

I have now run out of time with Roon Trial so will cancel - shame I really loved the product and difference it made but the cracks and pops are ruining the experience.

Hey @Nicholas_Doyle,

I’m so sorry we didn’t get to the bottom of this before the trial expired :pensive:

If you’d like to continue troubleshooting and actually getting to enjoy Roon without pops and crackles, we’d be happy to restart your free trial.

Please, just let me know :nerd_face:

Thanks for following up. Would be keen to see if we can fix it – as I say great product otherwise.

How do we take this forward to see if we can make this work?

Ugh…:pleading_face: . I am mortified that we didn’t get to your response until today…

It would be so lovely if you were still up for Roon. Whenever you’re ready for us to start your free trial, could you please reply to this post with @rebeka ? That way I will be immediately notified of your response :pray:

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I share a similar problem and I see it’s been going on for sometime. I love using Roon but I have to say I have encountered many issues all of which a couple I have been able to fix. The issue of popping and crackling between the two seems to be a Roon issue. I am able to use all my streaming content and home audio files no problem just through the Node. I have tried all work arounds I have found on the web. Factory resets, Power cycles, changing settings. I have tried this on all devices involved in this chain. I even bought the Node because it was roon ready. Apparently it’s not.I had a different streamer but I had to airplay the audio and that is not acceptable as I have a fantastic and massive Hi Res Audio Library. It is a shame there is no phone support for Roon. The forums are helpful but frustrating. I would appreciate some insight from anyone on this issue. Thank You M