Crackling noise when upsampling to 192

**NUC8i5 with ROCK installed

**Google Wifi mesh network, 750Mbps (daily measurements between 400-750Mbps, 600 on average), NUC connected to Google Wifi satelite node via ethernet through switch (tp-link), streamer connected to Google Wifi main node via ethernet through another switch (tp-link).

**Streamer Primare NP5 (uncertified Roon Ready), connected to Primare I32 MM30 DAC via Coax (MM30 DAC integrated in amplifier Primare I32) and speakers SA Pandion 30. Roon via ROCK NUC8i5 (as described above).

**I experience a crackling noise (audible at higher volumes) when I use sample rate conversion and upsample to 192khz. I stream from Qobuz & Tidal, it seems that it is more audible when upsampling 96khz to 192khz than when upsampling 44.1khz to 192khz. The NUC have enough power (processing speed about 50-60x without sample rate conversion and 20x with (also use Convolution filter and 1 band parametric EQ, however turning these off do not make any change with regards to the crackling noise when using sample rate conversion).

Streamer and DAC capable up to 24/192khz, and streaming native 192khz from Roon (Qobuz) works perfectly fine, however when upsampling from 96khz to 192khz a low crackling noise /distortion appear (not audible at lower volumes, however not hard to hear at moderate to higher volumes). Tried different settings (precise, smooth, linear, minimum), however cannot find the issue. Should not be the streamer or dac as they both support and are set to 24/192, and work fine at 24/192 if not using sample rate conversion in Roon.

Any idea of what could be the issue here?

Many thanks, and best regards,

Hi @1simen,

Can you share a screenshot of the Signal Path when playing to this device?

Do you experience this issue if you play to any other endpoint?

Hi @dylan, thanks,
screenshot with sample rate conversion (crackles):

Screenshot without sample rate conversion (works fine):

Tried on my two other outputs, however they are limited to 96khz or below, thus they are either streaming at 96Khz or downsampled to 44.1Khz - thus no use to check upsampling to 192Khz, however streaming native 192Khz files with the same system works perfectly fine without crackling /distortion, thus should not be streamer /dac issue as streamer or dac will not differentiate between upsampled 192Khz files or native 192Khz files (?)(screenshot of 192Khz streaming below (works fine)):

Best regards,

Hi @1simen,

Does this issue only occur on the Primare Zone? Since this device is uncertified, we cannot comment on the expected behavior when using RAAT to stream to this device.

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