Crash logs? Crashing every 12-24 hours

I’m still in my trial period right now and already fixed one issue, but I now have another that is really driving me up the wall. Roon is crashing every 12-24 hours regardless of what I do or don’t do.

My system spec is: Windows 10 64 bit (clean reinstall ~1 month ago), 32GB DDR4 RAM (standard clocking), i7-5820k (standard clocking), Nvidia GTX 650.

Current Roon library: 15612 albums, 224278 tracks, 6705 artists, 512mb memory for Photos/Artwork (changed from 1GB with no difference).

I don’t get any error codes, just a generic “Roon has stopped working” message box with an OK button. If Roon restarted itself automatically this wouldn’t be too much of an issue but I’m not always at my computer when I wish to use Roon.

Is Roon more stable on linux?
Why does Roon not run as a background service in windows and restart automatically?
Are there any error logs saved (I’ve looked but can’t find anything obvious) so I can begin troubleshooting this error?
Are there any suggestions on what I should try modifying to fix this issue?

flagging for @support

There’s a chance this is the kind of crash where logs won’t be that helpful, but we can take a look – instructions are here.

First thing I would do is confirm your Nvidia drivers are fully up to date.

If you run Roon Server, you’ll get the behavior you want. Migration instructions are here.

Once Roon Server is running headless, you can re-install Roon on the same machine to control it, just like you would with any other device you want to use as a Remote.

We can look into the crashes if they persist with a newer GPU driver, but either way if the client crashes your Core should still be fine, which is what it sounds like you want.

When you get us the logs, just flag @support and someone will take a look.

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