Crash on startup

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini, OS 12.2.1

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet, WiFi, both unchanged for months.

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Cannot check this because it crashes immediately.

Description of Issue

Since a few days I am having serious trouble with Roon. First Roon was fine with most windows, but crashed on “home”. Today the Roon client started crashing immediately. Once it briefly showed a message about database update, but this disappeared again and crashed.
Roon Version: modified 29th January.
Server version: modified 3rd February.

I should add that ROON (server. On MacOS12.2.1) works fine if addressed from my iPad’s

The problem must be in Roon on my MBP, OS12.2.1. Reinstalling Roon didn’t help.

Did you remove the roon folders in ~Library?

Make sure you have backed up the databases before deleting things or just rename perhaps and then reinstall

No, I did not remove the database.

Today’s story: When I started up Roon on my MBP it mentioned that it will update its database. It finished after a surprisingly short time and showed the home screen.

Then I checked something in settings and when I clicked home again to ply some music, it crashed again and had to be force quit.

Two years ago I wrote an eulogy for Roon praising it’s flawless working. The situation, however, has changed to the worse and in my experience is now at a very low point where even support rarely chimes in to help.

Adding new functionalities without securing flawless working is a pain in the neck for the early adopters.

Regarding #wizardofoz’s pointing to removing the database: I don’t think that makes a lot of sense, because the core Roonserver works if addressed from the remote iPad.

Please help.


Same issue here- Mac Mini running Catalina

After recent update software crashes immediately upon starting…Have tried reinstalling without any improvement.

the remote also has a database and removing it will reset the installation… dont touch the RoonServer directory just the Roon one - assuming they are on the same machine. Just the highlighted one below in my screen grab

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