Crash with RoonServer -- not restarting

Totally agreed with what Cliff just mentioned. Here are my findings after upgrading the server to build 65.

I leave my pc on for 24/7 and let it sleep when I am not using Roon, and because this is headless, I use third party device (Mouse Kit) using Ipad to wake my computer - build 65 still does not seem to have automatically waking up computer function when Roon trying to reconnect to the server, and still need third party device!

More importantly, after computer wakes up from the sleeping mode, Roon runs OK for a while (the normal functioning time seem to vary), and then CRASHS! So i need to hook up my headless computer to the monitor and restart Roon.

I understand that headless was meant to be ON for 24/7 without going into sleeping mode, and this would have been an expectation of the Roon development team when they built the headless version, but let’s give serious thought on the energy concious users who wants to run headless and sleeping mode at the same time, letting our Earth live bit longer.

Great job on build 65 by the way, but we want more~

Your RoonServer needed manual restart?

Hey Danny. Yes, I need to manually restart Roon when it crashes, after clicking that OK button on “Roon has stopped working” error message.

After computer is waken, the Roon operates normally for about 5-10 minutes, and suddenly music stops and my Ipad App looses connection to the server.

FYI I am using NUC core i-3, 8g ram, 128g ssd, and my operating systen is Windows 7 Professional 64k.

Roon or RoonServer?

RoonServer I believe. But I will check it tomorrow.

The exact error message is “RoonAppliance stoppd working”

Thank you.

Here some more specifics on the error message.

My appologies for some Korean characters due to the language setting, but hopefully your team can figure out what might be causing this error.

문제 이벤트 이름: BEX
응용 프로그램 이름: RoonAppliance.exe
응용 프로그램 버전:
응용 프로그램 타임스탬프: 56141e22
오류 모듈 이름: StackHash_a7aa
오류 모듈 버전:
오류 모듈 타임스탬프: 00000000
예외 오프셋: 0bce09f0
예외 코드: c0000005
예외 데이터: 00000008

There are two issues… one is the crash itself, and the second is that silly popup that is preventing RoonServer from restarting itself.

I am getting the second fixed, and lets see if @vova can help figure out what the native crash is.

Hey @Cujo, we want to get your logs, I’ll PM you shortly with further instructions.

I’ve had the same with the crash and the pop up window. My latest reboot of my computer stuck in a reboot loop and not after a hard reset (hold power button) I’ve a really long login time for Roon again.

@Vova I’ve just sent last logs in case something in there.

Thanks guys