Crashes and bugs

Core Machine
i5 Mac Mini running the latest Roon download as of last night (18th May 2021)

Network Details

Audio Devices
Cambridge Audio CXN (v2)

Library Size
All from streaming services at this time, maybe 80 tunes added so far

Description of Issue
I’m currently trialing Roon (13 days left of a 14 day trial) and I’m having nothing but problems.

  1. The iOS app crashes constantly, I barley have enough time to select a tune before it crashes (I’m using an iPhone X)

  2. The MacOS app (remote) crashes from time to time, not as frequently as the iOS app, but often enough to be annoying (I’m using a M1 based MacBook Pro as the remote, the Core running on an old Mac Mini seems stable so far)

  3. I can’t add more than one tune at a time to the library, I have thousands of tunes I want to add, across numerous playlists (Tidal and Qobuz), but selecting a playlist and choosing Add to Library pops up the message to say its done but doesn’t actually add any of them.

  4. When I try and start radio from a streaming tune I get an “Unexpected error: Limiting Roon radio to library” and then “Roon Radio: Nothing similar to play!” which is fair enough as my library (what there is of it, see above) is mainly electronica and I was in the mood for some 80’s pop.

Hope you can help,



Quick update. Issue 1 and 2 were resolved by doing the old Windows trick of turning it off and on again. Sorry I have no idea what I was running or what was causing the instability in the app to help your developers.

Not being able to bulk add to the library is still an issue but the listening suggestions are pretty good.

I still get the error when trying to start radio from Tears for Fears but the 80’s nostalgia moment has passed and it seems to work OK with other artists.



Apologies for the delay, @Paul_Evans1! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

We have a ticket in with our team about this one.

Are you still seeing this issue?

Hey @Paul_Evans1,

I wanted to check in and see if you’re still affected by this issue. We’d love to continue to help if you there’s anything we can do :nerd_face:

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