Create M3U files from Roon playlists

Roon Core Machine

ROON 1.8.884 Remote and Core
Intel 16 X Intel Core i7-10700 CPU @2.9Ghz, 32Gb RAM
Suse 15.2 Linux

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi 53 mesh router

Connected Audio Devices

Chord USB DAC, Bowers & Wilkins Wedge remote, Sonos remote

Number of Tracks in Library

!15K tracks

Description of Issue

When I try to create an M3U playlist from Roon, I go to the Playlist tab where it says “Folder: Exports local media and generates M3U file”

It does export files correctly, but it doesn’t seem to generate an M3U file - at least it’s not in the same files as the music files. It does create a “.rooncontents” file, and a “.roonjournal” file. Where does the M3U file go?

I’m surprised by the M3U display, which I don’t see yet in the current release. But it still works very well with Excel. The last column contains Path (folders and files). With Kate (Linux KDE) or the editor (Windows 10) this is quickly copied to a *.txt and renamed to *.m3u and available in other applications that can work with m3u lists (e.g. Foobar2000).

“Where does the M3U file go?”

It goes into the Music folder. Look for a Playlists folder inside the Music folder.

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Ahh Hah! I found it.

Thanks much.


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