Crestron Driver and Internet Radio

Can anyone post images or speak to integrating a Nucleus / Roon system into a Crestron AV set up?

I’m considering switching from Mirage network streamer to Roon but one requirement is ability to stream internet radio and see metadata (artist/song information).

I’d love to see what the Crestron Driver and GUI looks like when streaming internet radio via a Roon server.

Looking at Crestron site it says:

Coming Soon

  • Amazon Music™
  • Tidal®
  • Soundmachine
  • Roon®

Have you reached out to Crestron with this question?
If they are developing something maybe you could offer yourself up as a test site and get in on the ground level?

Have not reached out to Crestron but can send them a note. There is a Roon app in the Crestron marketplace so was wondering if anyone has tried a 3rd party / bootleg integration. Crestron tends to move VERY slowly so I’m not going to hold my breath for any official support and their lack of support for SONOS to date has been embarrassing (presumably because they want to tell you hardware and don’t want you using someone else’s, so I’m curious how they deal with Roon).