Cross VLAN Support


I have installed a Nucleus+ into quite a large project and with multiple VLANs. At the moment we have an audio VLAN with the Nucleus+ and all the audio end points that consists of Meridian 251s, 218s, 210s and 818v3s. Everything is working fine but we was wondering, can i put a IP address in the Roon app to find the Core Server rather than it broadcast?


Roon expects a flat network and will only work within a contiguous IP range.

So Roon isn’t a good idea for a large project then?

Roon seems to expect a single broadcast domain in order to work, so it won’t work in presence of routers. That is precisely what you would need in a network with multiple LAN.

Anyway, Roon is aimed to home users. Most of the homes have a single broadcast domain network.

Hi @Daniel_Lee,

As mentioned above, Roon only supports all devices being on the same IP range. If this is something you’re interested in trying to configure anyway you can check in the #tinkering section of the site, but this type of configuration is not something we officially support.

It’s good for a large flat project. :wink:
As others have said, Roon requires a single broadcast domain for all components to function. I spent some time trying to identify all the forwarding/masquerading that would be required to bridge broadcast domains but didn’t complete that project. Others have gotten further than I did. However, that doesn’t mean Roon won’t change something and, until they support some kind of “remote” feature, I think it’s safer to stay within the single broadcast domain.

To do this, I have tablets within the “audio” network so they can reach Roon. The tablets are my Remotes.

I had it working across VLANs, you need to setup multicast RP and have a router to handle the ARP.

Multiple NIC’s to different lan segments should work I think

If I allow that on my multi-homed server I need a Roon license for every Network – at least the Remotes told me so.

Hmmm Im not really doing a VPN but maybe ZeroTier is slightly VPNish as that seems to work. I have seen ROCK/Nucleus working with 2 NICs but maybe the other side was an Ethernet endpoint but I would have though that would work too.

Maybe I will give it a tray with some VLAN setup if I get a chance.

Either way with a large network Core server grunt would probably be the limiting factor before anything else broke if you used it for something like a hotel etc

All Roon needs is, find endpoint via IP address and in the control app find the core via IP address, job done! I know roon wants to keep things simple but in some cases we need a bit more functionality, something like an advanced setup? Personally I think this would make Roon so much more reliable.

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