Cubox as Roon Remote

Today I grabbed my Cubox i4 Pro out of my drawer to play with it.
I installed Android 4.4.4 on it and tried to install Roon via the Google PlayStore. It was extremely easy to set this up and the Android Roon Remote is now feeding my TV in the living room.
I don’t remember that this has been a big topic here before, that’s why I thought I might share it.
I never used Android though. I remember having read somewhere here, that it has more playback limitations than a regular Roon Bridge…

(Sorry for the bad picture quality.)


Well… that is impressive! Frankly I’m shocked the Cuboxhas the horsepower to do that.

I’ve got a Cubox-I 4 pro sitting in a drawer I may have to pull back out. Any reasonable way to do that headless? RDP in or something?

I think you’ll need a display. I started with the ignition.img and needed a screen and mouse to install the android image. When the installation is done, android will boot up and I did not notice any open ports that could be used for vnc. I just googled that there is an app called droid vnc (did not test it) that should install a vnc server…

Hmm… it was worth asking. Pls post if you figure out a headless version.

Great job either way though. :+1:

I am unsure if I understood you correctly with the “headless” option.
Isn’t the whole point of a Roon remote to have a screen or did I misunderstood you or your usecase here? :slight_smile:

Christopher, for what you are trying to do, IMO my question was a stupid one. Sorry. Could explain, but it was not a “well formed thought”. So please carry on, consider my question retracted.