Cubox i4Pro Quad Core for Roon Server?

I was thinking of getting a low power machine to act as a dedicated Roon server and stream to a Raspberry Pi/DAC, like the Quad Core Cubox i4x4. Is this an acceptable platform its a ARM A7. In fact with the Cubox optical out I could get a DAC and dispense with the PI altogether.

I think it runs Openelec

No, it’s not got enough grunt.

thanks, would the CuBox-i 4×4 also be low grunt?
4gb ram ARM cortex a9 – 64 bit, 1GByte @ 1066Mbps

If not, I am specifically looking for a low wattage solution as my home power is off grid and every watt counts. Any suggestions are gratefully welcomed…

maybe the upcoming udoo board on kickstarter could be an option.

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In the end I decided to just pension off my watt guzzling ancient PC, remove the QNAP NAS and a bunch of other services always on and run a modest 2-disk RAID off the Raspberry Pi Roon EndPoint and get a more power-efficient modern Mac. Maybe not the best Watt/h solution than a Nuc, but pretty close.

waiting for an ipod endpoint :wink: