Cullen Cables (power) USA Made

I am using three Cullen Cables. I plan on purchasing three more. They make a range of power cables. I use the Red. Is anyone else using their product?

I have a couple of them. Good quality power cables. I changed out the terminations on one of them to Furutechs.

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Do you recall which model in their line you are using? Thank you.

I have three of the red copper series (one terminated in 2 prong C7) and a crossover power cable. The crossover is the one I changed the terminations on. The Cullens get used on my lower priority gear. Home assembled Furutech cables and Cardas cables are used on the higher priority gear.

I gather that your decision is based upon finding Cullen Cables compromised and not appropriate for your higher end system. Power cables are an interesting concept.

Not really. I just have higher end cables from Cardas (Goldens/Cross) or Furutech power cables that I have assembled myself with $30/foot wire and better quality Furutech terminations. Most of my Cardas cable were purchased second hand at a large discount (both PC and ICs) Patrick uses inexpensive imported terminations. His stuff is plenty good, I wouldn’t call it compromised. If you have the time, make your own. VH audio is where I buy my cable. You can also make Belden 83803 power cables cheap…issue with them is they are stiff/inflexible.

This person is selling a Belden 83803 PC used. The asking price is cheaper than you can buy the raw cable for. The terminations are on the lower end of the spectrum.

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Thank you. I have a better understanding.

Patrick’s makes good stuff. Price is good, and the quality is good. His finish work looks professional. My stuff is not nearly as pretty, but it works. I’ll never try to make a 10 gauge power cable again. It’s a pain. 12 gauge and 14 gauge are much easier to work with.

Had to use Wattgate terminations…

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Was there in your thinking a difference between the two cullen cables you bought? If the Red are sufficient, I would buy three more. The three I have came from a Roon Community member

I’m using a Crossover Series II into my PS Audio Power Plant. Because of location I had to order a 20ft length and it works really well.

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20 ft. That’s quite a run. I am going 50 ft between my router and my hub.

I was trying to determine if the Cullen Red is sufficient. My runs are actually less than 3’ but I have three 4’ Cullen Red right now.

The Crossover is much more flexible. Does it sound better? Too close for me to call. Definitely more flexible though.

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Thanks for the link to the DIY site.

Don’t want to hijack the thread , but I’m considering building a pair of these -



Thank you for all of your input.

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I think Paul would recommend that you buy the liquid, exquisite, palpable and creamy Audioquest. Then again, I had watched that video in the past, and it is tempting to build a pair. I may do the same.

You can save a ton of money by making your own cables.

I assembled my Canare 4S11 (star-quad) speaker cables ten plus years ago. I reterminated them with Dayton Angle bananas and that seems to work pretty well for me. I had them Bi-wired for a couple of years to my Monitor Audio Golds. I didn’t see a difference between bi-wiring and using jumpers (made some banana to banana jumpers with Belden 12 gauge wire from Blue Jeans Cable). I recommend using the expandable banana plugs. The simple slide in type without pressure to hold them in frequently lost connection.

@rrwwss52, @7NoteScale -

I live too much in my head. It’ll be good to do something with my hands.

The DIY amps look like a good project also. Not as expensive as Bottlehead kits, so needn’t worry about throwing money away on a screwed up soldering/wiring job.

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I have three: one 2015 model Crossover and two 2018 model Avius SE. Older one is on integrated amp and newer ones are on DAC and streamer. Very nicely constructed. I don’t know how they compare to competitive products sonically, but they do no harm and cost less than lots of higher profile brands.

The appeal is that they do not harm and cost little. I like the idea of cottage industry and that he and his father build things.

I cannot raise a response from Patrick Cullen. Trying to order, but he does not reply. Concerned that he may be ill or… the website does not give any information on his status.

Anyone heard anything?