Curious question about Roon Ready/Roon Tested certification

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Simaudio Moon 430HAD with Moons D3 DAC module

Description Of Issue
According to Simaudio support, the D3 DAC module is already “Roon Tested”. There is no line art to match my particular application for it though, in a Moon Nëo 430 HA.
Simaudio says:

The D3 DAC is already officially Roon Tested.

Is it expected that i manually should select a similar line art from within the Audio Setup page?
If thats the case, how do you know if a product is Roon Tested/Roon Ready?

If i manually select a similar device, it looks nice enough though;

Or, are these devices all Roon Ready?

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Difference between tested and ready.

Thanks Ged, but that does not answer my question.
The D3 DAC module in my Nëo 430 HA is Roon Tested according to Simaudio, but it doesn’t identify itself when used in Roon.

I am aware its just a DAC and thus can never be Roon Ready, as it doesn’t speak RAAT. However, it is Roon Tested and as such should be identified and settings adjusted automatically.

A Roon tested DAC should have settings applied. It may not have line art though. However, I have just read the Moon site on the 430HA ( and a lot of other sites including reviews) and I could not find anywhere where it mentions that the optional DAC unit is Roon Tested. Where did you see this information?

Recieved directly from Simaudio via their support:

Thank you for responding!
I am fully aware that the DAC module on my 430 never can be designated “Roon Ready”, but it could become “Roon Tested” and equipped with automatic settings and line art.
Is it something you might consider? To have this DAC-module submitted for “Roon Tested” certification…
Hi Micke;

​The D3 DAC is already officially Roon Tested. The 280D MiND that now features our new MiND 2 Technology is Roon Ready as well as being MQA compatible

I’m not sure how Roon handles “Roon Tested” in the case of a shared optional DAC module. I would think that each device, even if it using the same module, needs to be certified individually. (Or as one big family group, the BluOS modules in the different NAD devices would be similar).

But, I’m sure john can shed light on the situation.

Hello @Mikael_Ollars,

The 430HAD USB Module is a part of our Roon Tested program. However, we do not have assets for it to show in the device identifier. There is no reduction in performance or functionality for devices that do not present themselves in the device identifier screen.


Alright then! Thanks John!
Still, a little odd that Roon finds it an “Unidentified device” until i manually assign it the Moon 390 (or other).

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