Currency of Subscription

In the interests of transparency, I think Roon should state clearly their pricing is $US. I live in a country that also uses $'s $AU to be clear. Maybe thy could also provide local pricing that reflects the relative value of thei rproduct in these markets, like other companies do and not peg it all to a $ value for one part of the world. Come on, you are big enough boys now to do this.

Exchange rates change every day.

Pricing - Roon Labs?

Indeed, so set a local price that suits the market or at least tell the customers what the currency they are charging is - they don’t!

They probably should state it as US$.

Yes, this is what they should do.

I’m confused, maybe because I’m in the US, but…

And on that page

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That is available to me in Australia also…I did find that as I didn’t trust the pricing, but not on the page where the billing happens. I think it needs to be more visible, especially with the lifetime account US$700 is $AU1,000.

US$700 is 13,879.78 pesos. What’s your point?

In a country where the $ is the currency, a person may not have dug around in the Q/A and believe that the $ value is local. In the case of the Australian market this is a 30% extra cost. With a monthly sub this won’t be such an issue but with a yearly or lifetime it could result in someone spending a great deal more than they can afford. I think the practice is not transparent.

Anyway, I intend reporting it to our Australian Competition and Consumer Commission which will look at it and decide. They may be asked to place the charged curreny more clearly if they want to trade in Australia.

You’ve been posting here for 5 years, and presumably a Roon customer. Are you just now figuring this out? It doesn’t cost 30 percent more in Australia. The Australian dollar is worth 30 percent less.

Actually, today, the US dollar is worth 1.4 Australian dollars. I don’t see that Roon, or any other US company, should absorb fluxtuations in revenue due to changes in currency valuations. I had to absorb those when my son spent 2 years at the Australian Graduate School Of Management getting his MBA.

I’m sorry, you’ve mistaken my intention. It is to help others who could be misinformed. Interestingly, I left Roon for 2 years for various reasons. That charging page always bugged me and coming back on the free trial and decising whether to keep it again has reminded me.

Yet if you read what I said, I just think they should state on the plan page where you actualy subscribe (not an FAQ burried deeper in the site) that you are being charged in US$ - not AU$. I your case your currency is clearly different so it will be obvious, as would say someone from Europe or the UK. Even a link to that FAQ itm would satisfy.

I hope he enjoyed it here.

Yes, he did. Thanks. He also paid my back every penny, so I guess it was him that had to absorb the currency fluctuations, not me.

The AU$ is all over the place relative to the US$ it was 0.5 in 2002, 1.0 in 2013 and has been all over the place since.

I think that’s the point.

Indeed, state the currency so the consumer is informed on first signup. At least they introduced a monthly plan to help there.

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Apple does this as do the streamers. Over time, sometimes the currency favours them and then somtimes it favours the consumer. I’m happy with either stating the currecy or local pricing. I understand why a small company like Roon cannot absorb currency fluctuations like big companies do

At least you don’t have to pay local tax rates…
And people would abuse local pricing with vpns.

Try living in a country where nobody knows your currency !!

Our daily news bulletins always quote the Rand vs UKP, $ and Euro that’s how volatile some currencies are … We expect internet sales to be in one of these , if it says dollars it means US

Sadly the Aussie Dollar doesn’t get reported :smiling_imp: