Custom Genre Changes Ignored by Roon

I am having the same issue. I have disabled “Use genre’s from Roon’s metadata database” and rescanned my library. My test track/album, both correctly tagged as “Jazz”, and ONLY “Jazz” still appear in the “Blues” genre.

This appears to be an ongoing issue. Are there any new solutions?

Start a new thread in support rather than extend a five year old one.

Aren’t you helpful. The topic is the same.

Topic may be the same, but the fix for the issue in the thread was issued five years ago. If you’re having a problem now, I suggest you follow Ged’s advice and raise a new Support request. Detailing your setup will help in diagnosis of your issue…

I was trying to be but horses and water.

I"ve started a new support thread by moving the posts. Please give some detail such as the test album you are using.

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