D.I.Y. Audio Server project completed

Hello to all

I finally launched, 6 months ago in a project of construction of audio server and I do not regret at all to have but the “Hands in the mud”

it is in a Streacom Alpha 9 Silver case based on a set of distributed heatpipes for the CPU

  • CM MSI MAG B460M Bazooka

  • CPU INTEL 10500 T low power

  • 16 GB of DDR4 Fury Black 2666

  • 2 SSD of Storage of 2 TO San Disk ULTRA 3 D where is stored the music in DSD File and Flac HI RES

  • 1 SSD Samsung 870 EVO of 500 GO where is stored Windows Server 2019, it is nicely lodged on the side on a plate especially manufactured and stuck with double face.

  • the converter DC-ATX HDPLEX 400W Hi-Fi was also lodged under the hard disks and stuck also with double face

I integrated 2 PCI cards

  • a JCAT NET FEMTO card
  • a PINK FAUN USB card

the 2 cards are powered by a J92 linear Triple V8 power supply (2 *5V and 1 in 12 Volt) that I had asked Jacques to design for me in a single case (it is quite heavy…)
the third 12 Volt output is used for the CISCP Meraki switch.

the internal cabling was made by the ModDIY site

  • CM, CPU, SSD and HDPLEX converter.

the cherry on the cake is the integration of a switch on and off of the server by radio waves (Remote control), as for a portal …

I just have to optimize W Server 2019 with

  • Process Lasso
  • Audiophile Optimizer

thank you very much



Love the Streacom case. I’ve got an FC8 I use for my desktop PC. It’s been working great for about five years now. You should get good service from your setup.

Can you get an optical interface version of the JCAT FEMTO? I thought that the whole point of these cards was to isolate the network from ground/power noise introduced by the PC power supply? Ethernet is galvanically isolated by design but some consider this is not enough…


no JCAT FEMTO does not make to my knowledge of optical link, it is necessary to pass by a converter / Optical bridge or an Optical Network Switch Type CISCO MERAKI