What amperage for a 19 Volt power supply for a D.IY Audio server


after having presented you my project of D.I.Y server I would like to take care of its supply

knowing that I already have the 2 PCI cards,

  • Pink Faun USB
  • Jcat Net Femto


they are powered by a dual power supply in 5 Volt, so it is the rest of the server, motherboard, CPU and 3 SSDs that I would like to connect to a linear power supply 19 Volt which would be connected to the module HDPLEX 400W HiFi DC-ATX and I would need to have your feedback to determine the necessary amperage?

the server has an intel 10500 T CPU with a TDP of 35 Watt

it manages perfectly the upsampling of PCM towards DSD 512 and this with an experiment on 3 Hours with a consumption of 32 Watt maximum


your température of the CPU is perfectly managed (50 degree at the highest)
the Streacom case in passive cooling is a big help
I hesitated on a core I7 or I9 and I am very surprised by this processor for its capacities.
in this case 19Volt 5A or 6A would be enough ?

thank you