D2 vs U1 Mini -Which One?

D2 vs U1 mini

Hi guys… Thanks for accepting me in this forum.

Thinking of going with the D2 or the U1 mini as my Music Streamer.

How is the D2 when used as a transport via its BNC/SPDIF outputs ?

How is a D2 also as a stand alone player vs CD players in the $5000 range ?

Thanks for inputs.

If you’re using the DAC in an AV receiver of an integrated amp, get the D2 and use the analog outputs.

What DAC are you using?

Thanks for the reply. I’m using a Berkeley Dac

We have a user here using U1 MINI with Berkeley.

Will t2 as a transport sound better than a u1 mini?

No, but T2 supports DSD512 output to USB and analog. Berkeley does not support DSD or USB anyway, so this is not a factor for your setup.

I might be the user Peter is referring to. I have a Berkeley Ref 3 DAC and a U1 Mini. The combination works and sounds great–rock solid and highly recommended.

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For those who care about MQA, Lumin is especially a good match for Berkeley MQA DAC. Since Lumin is one of the earliest MQA transports that support MQA Core decoding, so even if the playback is not done using Roon, Berkeley DAC MQA rendering can still be activated when used with a Lumin.

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I’d forgotten that Lumin could decode the MQA core. I’m currently using Roon for the core decoding so I’ll have to try that and see if I hear a difference.

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Thanks for all the replies! much appreciated

On another forum a user told me he preferred the SQ of having Lumin D2 doing rendering only (by setting MQA Capabilities to “Renderer only”).

I think the Berkeley DAC is very good at rendering so I’ll let it take care of that but I will try the Mini at doing the core decoding when I get back from sunny (I hope) Los Cabos next week.

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have used the Berkeley Alpha Dac and the Berkeley Reference Dac for many years now. they are great dacs- quiet musical.
have matched them with aurender n10, then SOTM SMS200 ultra. Looking forward to matching them with the Lumin…

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Hello Peter I’m considering buying one of the 2 in the future…I have a Naim DAC V1…which one do u suggest and why?
Also it’s my DAC that relevant with Lumin streamers or I can simply get it from out my hi-fi music chain?


Unless your DAC provides features you currently have to use (especially inputs and outputs) that are not provided by the D2, I’d encourage you to try it. You may see whether you like the SQ of D2 after burn-in better. Hopefully it can replace your current DAC. Even if not, you may still use BNC-SPDIF output of D2 to your current DAC using a BNC to RCA coaxial cable.

D2 offers balanced XLR output if your (current or future) amp has that input. D2 also offers MQA if you subscribe to Tidal.

If you determine to keep your current DAC for functional or SQ preference, then you may consider the U1 MINI.

I am also thinking of a separate streamer and the D2 is on the radar as is Altair G1,
Currently using Roon on a Nuc and USB to H190.
Is the D2 being retired in the near future?
I think the swedish dealer offers the possibility to test the United at home but not sure.
Other advice is greatly appreciated.
Hav e good day.

No plan to be replaced.

We have a D2 user here with a Hegel.

Hello :grinning: @Tommy_Gustavsson - I use a D2 with an H360 (Balanced out) - I’d suggest trying the combination as @wklie suggests and seeing what you think - I’m very happy with it. I’ve made a few observations on my experience of the combination here.

Many thanks, i Will contact the swedish dealer after the holidays,
I really like the look of the D2

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Great, enjoy your trial :grinning: FWIW I’ve found that I’ve settled on using upsampling with it via Roon (Power of 2 PCM 192 Max, Precise/Linear phase) - of course this preference is entirely subjective!