DAC attached to Remote PC detected and enabled, but won't play Roon content

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC 10, i5
Western Digital 250 GM WE Blue SN550 NVMe Internal SSD
Crucial RAM 8GM DDR4 2666 MHz CL19
Operation System Version 1.0 (build 227)
HDD attached via USB for stored audio files.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Xfinity Gateway attached to Netgear GS108PP switch. Core attached to switch.

Connected Audio Devices

2017 iMac Retina 5K, 3.5 GHz Quad-Core intel i5
16 GB memory
Roon 1.8 (build 814)
Note that the remote is connected to my network via wifi. It is near an access point and has a fast connection.
Attached to DAC via USB:
Grace m920

Other Audio Devices in Use:
Iphone, Ipad, KEF LSX, all working ok.

Library Size

32,000 tracks

Description of Issue

My DAC (mentioned above) is detected and enabled according by Roon, and appears in the settings. I can see my Tidal and local content in Roon. But when I try to play content on the DAC, there is no audio. The “track” skips to the next after 10 seconds or so. The DAC works fine playing from the Tidal app on my PC. And Roon works fine from other devices. I’ve turned everything on and off, rebooted, etc. That worked in the past – this has been an intermittent problem. It hasn’t worked at all the last few days.

Audio path images attached showing local content and Tidal MQA. When this worked, it used to show my m920 DAC in the audio path. UPDATE: This is now working, for the time being, after a restart of everything. Attaching a screenshot showing the path when it is working. The m920 DAC is indicated.

Thank you for your help!

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Hello @michael_o,

Thanks so much for getting in touch about this and sharing such a detailed account of the behavior you’re experiencing. We are sorry about the trouble.

I was hoping we could ask for one thing: the next time Roon cannot play music to your DAC, could you please:

  • write down the date and local time, as well as the track you were trying to play
  • grab a set of logs and share them with us

Instructions can be found here:

You can always upload the logs to Dropbox / Google Drive / Send.firefox.com and post a link here?. Please be sure to turn on “sharing by link”, instructions on how to do so for Dropbox can be found here and for Google Drive can be found here.

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