DAC Circuit Not Playing

Troubeshooting is not one of my strong poiints, so any help apprecated.

On my Macbook remote, I initiate a track Play out to my Yggy. I am lately always getting this message from Roon: “Starting playback on your audio device. This may take a moment!” After a second or two, the procedure stops. Other outputs work okay.

I use a NUC as endpoint and USB cables into the Yggy; RCAs out to my Anthem AVR. This has worked well for over a year. But, I will say the NUC’s Roon software has not been updated. I have been tinkering with the Harmony extension, which has been giving me some problems.

Can anyone point me towards a solution path? Much appreciated.

This won’t help with your question but if you are doing any kind of DSP (bass management, EQ, etc.) on the AVR then there is not much point in having a separate DAC since the AVR will convert the input signal to digital so it can apply DSP then convert to analog to output to speakers. I was doing something similar with a Topping D90SE and Marantz SR8012 and ended up with a dedicated (except for speakers and subs) system in the same room as my surround sound (Marantz) system.

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Not sure if this will help, and you’ve probably already tried it, but have you rebooted everything (including your core, other audio devices, and all network gear, i.e. router and any switches)?

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Well, @DaveN , I thought I had reinstalled/rebooted everything, then I recalled the extensions I had been working on recently, specifically Deep Harmony. I first tried un- and re-installing; no joy. Then I remembered that it had a Reset Configuration option within the extension, and voila, all began working again.

I have no idea why that feature would break and then fix my DAC stream but I don’t care. Peace in the valley. Thanks much.

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Nope, me neither, but I’m glad you got it sorted.

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