DAC TEAC UD-505 with Roon and native DSD?

I have an Intel NUC, I want to buy DAC Teac UD-505, if I connect it via USB to the NUC, will it be supported by Roon, and will Roon output native DSD?

How does Roon work with the Teac UD-505 when output audio directly from Intel NUC via USB?

It works and will output DSD native.

Well, ROON then defines it?

What does ROON write in the audio device settings? Sees it as teac ud-505?

Your profile says that you have teac nt-505, I’m interested in how exactly roon works with Teac ud-505

They are the same thing, with the NT-505 has the network board inside to provide Roon Ready network input.

The fact is that the roon website claims support for teac nt-505 but teac ud-505 is not there!

Wrote in support of roon they are silent

Sorry about the reply being late. ROCK is familiar with the USB input of the 500 series DACs. So it recognises them and identifies their capability correctly. However I can’t remember if it names them correctly. I might have to have a play later because obviously with the NT-505 I use the network input. My USB input has quite literally had ten minutes use in two years.

Do you have teac nt-505?

Just if teac nt-505 then its usb input it recognizes correctly, I am interested in it is also recognized by teac ud-505

OK, USB is correctly identified as NT-505 as it is Roon Ready/Tested. It is identified as 512 capable and took a few moments to configure to upsample everything to 512. I can’t say if this equally applies to the UD model but I can’t see why not. The difference for me was I can’t control volume from within Roon like I can via the Ethernet input.

The screen shot shows volume 29 with device volume? Do you mean the actual volume is not affected even if you change the volume in Roon?

I know that teac nt-505 is supported by roon, I am afraid that teac UD-505 will not be supported as it is not a roon site

Okay, I’ve already ordered a teac UD-505, as I come I will write how it works. Thank you all for your help.

I think you will be fine. USB is identical on both so ROCK should recognise it and it’s capabilities.