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3 laptops (2 windows, 1 mac) and a workstation (windows) wireless networked via an Apple Airport that is hardwired to a dedicated DSL internet connection. The Airport is in the room with the workstation, a network printer, and is where I intent to install the Roon Nucleus with a Ethernet connection to the Airport and a USB connection to a 4 TB SSD. Two of the laptops are contacted to USB DAC’s in separate stereo system.

**Main System has Audio Note Kits DAC 4.1 via an ART S/PDIF-USB converter to a Think Pad Yoga X1 v2. 2nd system has a Woo Audio USB DAC/Headphone amp combo connected to Think Pad Carbon X1.

Description Of Issue

So hopefully a simple question that I want to double check before I purchase the Nucleus. Will the Nucleus be able to output FLAC and WAV files from the SSD to the USB DAC’s connected to the laptops that are part of the wireless network as long as the laptops are on. I assume that I can control what is played where by any of the computers or iPhones and iPads connected via WiFi to the netwerk. Correct? Thanks in advance.

Hello @craig_williams,

Yes, the Nucleus should be able to output to the laptops. You will need to install Roon on all three and use them as a Roon Bridge, meaning in the “Choose your Core” screen you will be selecting the Nucleus as the Core and then the Roon Bridges will show up under Roon Settings -> Audio tab as output devices.

One word of caution here – I would make sure that the firewall on the laptops are properly configured to allow Roon and RAATServer to pass through. You can use these instructions for Windows and these instructions for OSX to double check.

I would also make sure that everything works in the current configuration, if you have one of the laptops as the Core, are you able to select and output as expected to the the other Roon Bridge devices?


Thanks. I will give it a try.

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