Daily Adding Music to Library

Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely love Roon. However, I’m having a daily issue that is driving me nuts. At least once a day Roon stalls with playback and each and every time it is because it is “Adding Music To Library”, which is odd as I am not adding music to my library.

Roughly 85% of my library is linked to Tidal, with the remaining 15% of tracks being stored in one Organized Folder, which is a Google Drive folder that I’m using. I have my iTunes Libraries disabled, and a couple of other Watched Folders disabled. So the Google Drive folder - which is an internal storage location - is the only folder I have that Roon accesses.

It always seems to be the same number of tracks that Roon is “Adding” (3,648) and trying to identify.

I’m running a headless Late 2012 Mac Mini, running OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.4 with 16GB of Memory. The Mac is a dedicated media server.

Roon Version 1.2 (build 142).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is your spinner top right spinning forever, by any chance? And are you sure it hasn’t finished adding them, but is stuck on identification? (That is my situation: all tracks added, c.1500 still in the process of being identified after a month of spinner spinning.)

It typically doesn’t spin forever - it will spin for about an hour or two, and then all is good. Then the exact same thing will happen randomly the next day, and day after, and the day after…

What is a google drive folder ? Is that different to a normal / regular local folder ? Is it sync’ing to the cloud at all or doing anything that might trigger Roon to need to re-scan it ? E.g. Does it’s location come and go ?

I’m thinking the combo of Google Drive and Organized Folder is doing something like google drive sync process is causing Roon to think the files in the organized folder are new. You can test this by setting up a non-google drive local watched folder not organized, copy some of your music into that and then disable the organized folder location. See if that exhibits the same symptoms over the next couple of days.

That makes sense. I was hoping to be able to use the Google Drive folder to keep my files permanently backed up, but it’s not worth the grief. Thanks for the suggestion!!