Daily Mixes - Feedback on the selection and content

Is there any passive or active feedback mechanisms for Daily Mixes?

By passive, i mean Roon recording behaviors like playing time of a Daily Mix or skipping songs or Saving playlists (the last one i would not recommend).

By active, I mean like the Roon Radio thumbs up mechanism where the user does something.

Finally, do you want anecdotal feedback - what works well, what is not working well in terms of playlist and music selection. If so, can you tell us what type of feedback is helpful?

[Note: Daily Mixes not appearing has it’s own thread, please post about that topic in that thread - thanks!]


I don’t think that Daily Mix plays are being counted towards your listening stats any more than Roon Radio selections are. Now, if you save the Mix as a Playlist and then play it, then yes, it would be counted.

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  • Roon Radio plays don’t count against what? I assume every song you play is in your stats, is in your Roon profile in the sky, you don’t think so?
  • anything you play via a Tidal API gets recorded by Tidal, no?

But what i was talking about was more the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down that Radio has.

I think that Roon knows whether what was played was chosen by you or by Valence. And it only counts what you have chosen to play in it’s algorithm.

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That’s a very interesting take. If I like the look of a play list based on a already known artist, am I not choosing to play it ?

Anything played from a daily mix, is certain recorded in your history, and if you look at an album after a track has finished from a daily mix, it records the track has been played.

Can you explain further, how this works ?

I’m intrigued by this… I would think every song recorded by Roon

I’ve been happy with the namesakes picked for the Playlists. For me they gave been across a variety of genres and fairly unique, i.e. on many of them I don’t know who the artist is… so i get pulled in, i look at the small print list of artist and hit play.

I haven’t listened enough yet to have feedback on the song selection.

So today, I had a Daily Mix called The Stills, a Canadian rock band. All of the 25 tracks were from Crosby Still.and Nash. Of those 23 tracks were from the deluxe release of Deja Vu.


I’m looking at the names and selecting the ones I have no idea who they are and pressing Play.

It’s quite interesting, but if I continue does this mean Roon will stop learning what I like?

Don’t know Romain Collin… (no bio)

I thought I understood how the mechanism works but in fact I don’t… so, first I thought:
the Daily mixes will certainly choose the version of an album to play the user marked as “preferred”… for a reason, this doesn’t seem to be the case, it always seems to go for the one, I have not in my library. Why is that?

But then I noticed the following, I have quite a good Gene Clark Daily Mix, consisting mostly of songs from albums I have in my library already. Which is fine:

“Nashville Skyline” for example, a record I already listened to on Roon. When I follow the link to the album, I see the following:

So it is not in my library, but still has the plays registered from the album I have actually in my library.

What is actually going on here? What’s the system? If I play a song from the playlist, it is being registered and counted, on the album in my library. Does it actually work how I initially thought it should? Why does it seemingly link to versions I have not in my library?

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Firstly, love the daily mixes! Great feature!

A few hopefully constructive thoughts.

The daily mix seems to turn up in the afternoon in Australia. Would be good if it could come in at a set up time within the local timezone.

It would be good, ai think, if users could have a couple of options for tweaking their mixes.

With classical, it might be nice to have the option to have complete compositions rather than just tracks.

Another option could be not repeating artists - that is, each artist has a maximum of one track per mix.

It might also be good to be have an option to make the mixes every few days.

Finally, a new music mix would be great - so a bias in favour of music released in the last few years or so, but based on the users current listening habits. I certainly struggle to find new music, so I don’t feel like I’m stuck listening to music released 20 years ago (or more…)



I had The Stills referenced as one of the artists on a CSNY track. Roon apparently believes that they are something to do with Steve Stills and is using this incorrect metadata to make association that are obviously wrong. As discussed here:

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Today (Mixes are back, which is great news, but…) I have a Radiohead Mix, which contains only Bjork, Massive Attack and Portishead (oh and one Tricky track). No Radiohead at all (and no Nick Ingman). Also I would not classify Radiohead as Trip-Hop anyway…


Daily mixes seem ok to me. Suggestions are reasonable. Not something I am particularly enthused about, but that may be because I am old, grumpy and stuck in my ways. I would say that the Home page would be more enjoyable if it was reorganised, and/or if I could reorganise it. There’s a whole load of historical and statistics stuff which, although interesting to some, is backward looking. I’d like the forward looking stuff nearer the top, such as Daily Mixes, Genres for you, Discovery etc. These all give me angles on what I might want to listen to next and thus are more interesting and useful to me than what I just listened to, or how many tracks in my library,


i like the daily mixes
i observed the following:
select a daily mixes playlist
select the option play from here - nothing happens
is this an error?
thanks a lot

Agreed. If you click on the track title in the Mix, Play Now works but Play From Here does nothing. Of course, if I save the Mix to a playlist, I can start the playlist playing from any track within the list. Not sure why the Daily Mixes don’t fully function the way a Playlist does…

To get back to @RobOK’s original questions… I would hope that playing a Daily Mix - and possibly skipping tracks - would influence how Roon perceives my musical interests. I’d be disappointed if it does not. (and it would be great to hear from Roon @support as how this actually works with regard to Daily Mixes and Roon Radio).

I personally have really enjoyed the Daily Mixes provided so far, but not all of them. So perhaps it would be great to give an active thumbs up/thumbs down on any given Daily Mix. Or perhaps by simply aborting the playback of a Daily Mix might provide an influence.


What is the function of the Daily Mixes? What algorithm selects the music included? It does not make too much sense to me, and though I was initially excited by the concept it seems to have little real usefulness to me. Specifically:

80% of my listening is classical, but rock daily mixes seem to predominate. Even for such rock mixes, the title performer of the mix sometimes does not even figure in the mix, compared with others I don’t have, have never listened to. Is it the purpose to discover new music that I haven’t listened to?

For classical music, it just doesn’t work. In the first place, there are few classical music mixes compared with other genres. Then the mixes seem incapable of selecting based on composer or work. This would seem more appropriate, at least in most cases. But instead, the mixes always select based on the performer, which is usually the conductor, sometimes the performing soloist, but never the actual music. The lists never select whole works but only single movements of larger works or single short works in a larger collection. I would much prefer the classical list to include complete works, if not entire albums.

The ability to set the list parameters would be great.


I think I might be getting two sets of daily mixes a day now! I can’t keep up! Might be a time zone issue.

This may also be tilting the subject matter - I tend to listen to jazz at night, rock in the morning at the gym and during the day and classical over breakfast.

This morning I had 5 jazz mixes, one rock - I think influenced by the previous half day (ie last night)

Loving the feature though!

Why I can´t start any track of a daily mix list directly? If I click at the play button in front of a track line, nothing happens. I guess, it is a bug. @support
I don´t want to save the daily mix as playlist first to get the right to play a track.