Dali Oberon 7 impressions?

Does anyone have first hand experience with the Dali Oberon 7 floorstander? I have an almost 20 yr old pair of Linn Ninka floorstanders that I’m using with my Cambridge CXA81 integrated amp. The Ninkas are great in the mids but can be thin in the bass and slightly analytical overall. I noticed the Dali specs show them going down to around 36 Hz (Ninkas down to 50 Hz). Also they are on sale so I’m interested in any first hand impressions. Thanks!

I enjoyed a pair on extended loan and found them to be brilliant. Some of the best pitch definition I’ve heard anywhere. They like firing straight down the room…virtually no toe-in. PM me if you have specific questions.


I have the little brother Oberon 5s with a Rel T5 sub woofer and I really enjoy them. In my living room I am mostly seated well off centre and the lack of required toe-in was one of the reasons for looking at Dali to begin with. The music the Dali’s generated is what made me buy them though. The 7s look to be that bit better than the 5s again.

The Oberon 9 look fantastic, but sadly are too big for my room and the WAF was a straight up no.

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Luv dali,heard the oberons in richer sounds,really detailed,not as much as my opticon 6 though but they are cheaper,can’t go wrong with them

I just bought a pair of Oberon 5s, which I’m using with a small tube integrated (~12 wpc). they sound fabulous on everything from chamber music to reggae. bass is deep, tuneful, and natural, and there’s surprising image height from such a small speaker (32" high).

fun, easy to drive, not fussy about placement.

I’m sure the 7s are even better; I wouldn’t hesitate.

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