DALI Rubicon 2C, smart hub, smart hub compact

Hi there
I would like to kindly ask you for some confirmations:

  • is Dali Smart Hub a Roon Ready device?
  • is Dali Smart Hub Compact a Roon Ready device?
  • and consequently, are Dali active speakers Rubicon 2C, Callisto 2C Roon Ready devices?

I am asking these as I cannot find a confirmation in the net. And Dali is not the Roon partners list if I am not mistaken.

I would like to make sure these are Roon Ready and not simply Roon Tested equipment with support to only Airplay, USB or whatever protocol not being RAAT.

Thanks a lot!

I believe that Roon’s Partner List and Roon Ready device list is up to date.

Still not clear
Some reviewers on YouTube say it works with Roon but it not in the partners.

Anybody from Roon support team can give us some insight?

I am not sure how often the support team reviews the Audio Products sections for support questions. Those are usually asked in the support section.

However, if you want to get their attention then you can add an @support which will put it onto their radar. (Which I have already done for you).

Thank you!

It uses the Bluesound module so in theory it could work and did at some point but not reliably. It has never been certified and looks like Dali have abondened trying to get it to work reliably. So now it wont work with Roon at all due to the clamping down on devices that are uncertified.

Ok I see
So at the time we speak, it does not work with Roon