Dance Dance Dance: why I cannot merge two compositions?


I have two albums by Neil Young where appears the song “Dance, Dance, Dance”.

I thought I could merge them but it’s impossible.
I can find only one composition under Neil Young\Compositions

Is this another bug?


For that track on each album, is there a goto composition in the 3 dots edit?

Can you not use the Composition browser to merge the two?

Here’s an example - I have two compositions here that need to be merged. I select them both, and get the “Merge Composition” button on the top right of the screen:

Clicking the button gives me the Merge Compositions screen:

I select the Primary, and merge the two compositions into one…

No, only on one.
Can i do somthing about it or it’s just a metadata provider problem?

Thank Geoff,

but even in the Composition browser I can only find one composition “Dance dance dance”.


The only thing you can do about this is to pick another version of the album in the identify section. Roon is not opening several compositions (don’t ask why, I did several times without getting an answer). Make sure to unidentify first and then pick another version. Usually the Vinyl versions work but the metadata isn’t that complete there most of the times (I prefer not to have the metadata at all as they are mostly incorrect for my records and therefore I prefer to add them on my own).


You mentioned that you had gone via Neil Young\Compositions to view the compositions. Is there also only one result if you go via the main Composition Browser to via the entire list of Compositions in your library?

And have both albums been added to your library? Merging can only be done for compositions that exist in your library.

Thank you so much Ralf,

I chose the vinyl version and no tracks was being recognized as a composition.
I added Neil Young as a composer and know I can merge the compositions!

ok, now I have to do it for all the other tracks but ok… D

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If there is no goto composition, then this happens sometimes from the provided metadata and is a known issue.
Fortunately, there is an alternative version to use as @Ralf_Karpa has pointed out.

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Yes that’s the problem - I’ve just added the Live at Massey Hall from Qobuz to my library, and indeed there are no track credits at all, just album credits…

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Why is such miss not handled as not present and follows the rules of manual editing like in the above solution or if the track wasn‘t identified? I know, I asked that several times, but I not giving up to get an answer (maybe, hopefully)?

One more thing regarding the “goto composition”… Unfortunately this is no indicator whether a composition is identified properly or not. In the below example the first track does not show the “goto composition”, however, it is present. Very annoying and very, very time-consuming dealing with these defects of the application.

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