Dark theme for the forum please!

I’ve kept quiet for 4 years but my eyes can’t handle it any more. Please can we have a dark theme for the forum? Thanks!


They use https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discourse_(software) so I guess you would have to look and see if dark mode is available in the underlying software.

While it seems to be already possible to offer a choice of themes but that feature isn’t activated for the Roon site maybe it’s worth to wait a few more months when theme switching depending on browser preference will make it into major browsers = Chrome (planned / in the works), Firefox (already has it) and, while not that major, Safari – and in the wake of that change most likely into Discourse, too; they already prototype something, I’ve read.

Chrome browser…type this
Enable Dark mode for these 2 settings…that pupping up, when typing…Dark mode!

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Like this

Thats funny…Light mode

Dark mode ok

Thanks all. I use Firefox these days & just tried this addon which seems to do an ok job…

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Hey everyone,

I’ve moved this over to Feature Requests so we can monitor interest in this. Thanks for the feedback!


If you look at the Naim forum I think the shading is much easier on the eye than roon’s white.


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Theme support incl. a dark theme are already built into Discourse, the forum software that this forum runs on. It simply needs to be enabled by the admins. Shouldn’t take more than minutes and will give users a choice.


consider this another vote in favor of a dark theme.


Naims forum has different themes, I’m all for a dark one, this one does hurt your eyes.

+1 for dark theme – much easier on the eyes

Me too, dark theme please. Higher priority than CD ripping :wink:



It’s possible in the software to use it, but the option isn’t enabled in this community.

here is the option at hifiguides forum that uses the same server system

Thank you ! now i will never go to bed ! :smiley:

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I’ve shifted this thread into the Forum category and will ask the Mods/Admins about the request.

It started in Forum, then was moved to Feature Requests, now it’s back in Forum again :rofl:

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And now I’m shifting it back !

I now understand this would require a bit more work on Roon’s part than just enabling the setting so it was shifted to Feature Requests to gauge user interest.


Please enable dark mode. Naim forum with the same forum software and dark mode is much easier to look at.