Darko - Antipodes’ Mark Jenkins podcast

I found this podcast an interesting listen on why he builds his servers the way they do.


It was an interesting listen, Darko has had some good recent interview guest’s.

I’m more with Archimago’s opinion in his blogpost about the “usefulness” of that interview …

In other related news, here’s an example of an interview in Summer 2022 that’s trying really hard to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) - [this plodding discussion between Mark Jenkins of Antipodes Audio and John Darko]

(notice also the Stereophile links from the mid-1990’s[!!!] on that page used as supportive references). I suppose it comes across as an awkward interview because it sounds like Mr. Jenkins is searching for words to spin the non-issues he’s trying to hype about his “audiophile” computers.


Sorry whilst I am sceptical I don’y buy into the that this is all in our heads that both he and Amir seem to decide is happening as thats there view. I wont be buying one as I cant afford such luxuries but what he says makes some sense to me but whether it does cause any issues to begin with is unproven. But I wont just take Amir or Achimagos word as gospel they seem to have axes to grind.

Yes, they do have axes to grind. Thank the deities for their reason against the hyperbole that is high end HiFi.

You prefer to believe Darko or someone else?

Here’s a couple for you -

Axes to grind yes but crucially they don’t have anything to sell you.