Darko visits Cardas facilities

Here’s a YouTube video about the people and the manufacturing process of one of their $$$ speaker cables.

I’m still chuckling at the low tech approach to the entire build process … just hilarious to see bare cutting blades used, cardboard taped over spinning motor belts to protect workers, sticky pop corn fingers handling the, quote, “purest copper in the whole world”, hot-glue for keeping wire strands from touching each other, and to top it all off, final test by the shop manager, poking an el cheapo multimeter’s leads onto the spades to verify cable specs, then marking up the box QA stickers with date and name…

I’ve been to cable factories myself extruding my former company’s special sensor cable, even designed some of the tech to apply printing marks where sensors are in one go, optimized extruding and crimping processes, so know the processes involved in cable manufacturing, and honestly, there’s no magic shown in this video.

These days, there’s automated machinery to more securely, reliably and repeatably handle many of the manual steps shown here, professional measurement rigs applied to capture all relevant cable properties in final QA protocols.

All this is wrapped in a sweet and wonderful, tear-inducing human interest story of family feelings, work-life-balance and what not, and I really like that!

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But I strongly detest the garage build approach of some ridiculously overpriced, cobbled together piece of wires showcased here.
(I’m aware that doing these things the way they’re done here are costly - but no technical value gets added)


Don’t hate the players, hate the game. They’re only meeting a market, but it’s one that shouldn’t be there. Only in the world of hifi do these extravagant claims exist. Why is that?

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Most viewers, just like Darko, have no idea what they’re witnessing here, and just keep peddling the :snake: :oil_drum:

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Clearly you can see their price represents the work that goes into making the cables. However as many have said, its totally un-necessary work, and better consistency can be achieved for less money. There’s no rocket science here and plenty huge cable makers doing better standard for less money.

But “perception” is worth a lot in this business. Audiophiles would rather have their cables hand wound by a blue collar US worker than a machine.

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Doesn’t matter. Hi-tech or garage tech, cables are still obscenely priced. At least with garage tech, there’s a reason even if the manufacturing process is laughable.