DB didnt transfer properly during transition to ROCK/NUC [Resolved]

I’m a computer audio beginner and it took me about 4.5 hours to put the memory stick and and SSD in my NUC, update the BIOS, and install ROCK, and migrate core duty from my MacBook to my NUC. I give the Roon team a thumbs up for really attempting to provide detailed guidance for users and mostly succeeding. The fact that I bounced between the Roon guidance and the guide posted on Computer Audiophile suggests that Roon’s guidance isn’t the end all be all…but I suppose it can’t be all things to all users. Chris Connaker’s 8 or so minute video was very helpful for me. It was a chore to borrow the keyboard and mouse I needed from work. And using my TV screen as a monitor. I’m sure some folks don’t have this stuff for their ROCK setup. It was also frustrating that I couldn’t just download and run files, I had to download special programs to “write” them…whatever that means. I’m just glad I got it done!

I do have one fundamental problem. After getting my NUC up and running with ROCK and opening the remote on my MacBook, I restored my database from a backup on a USB drive so I do have all my Tidal selections, but the NUC wasn’t finding the music files stored on that same USB drive connected to it. So I went into Settings>Storage to point it to where my music folder lives on the USB harddrive and got my music to show up, but then that flooded my computer with music and changed the “last modified” date and seemingly lost my metadata settings. So I’m having to choose my database settings or the music on my harddrive. I must have done something wrong, but what?

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@RoonFAQ I could still use some help resolving my issue in the above post. Thanks!

@support can you help here?

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After restoring your backup onto ROCK … when you went to Settings–> Storage did you add a new Watched folder or edit the existing one?

Editing the existing Watched folder is the way to go, otherwise otherwise Roon will treat the additional Watched folder as new music as it still has references using the older Watched folder.

Hi @Brice_Lang ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here.

Moving forward, can verify for me if you had followed Step 3 (configuring your storage location) in our knowledge base article: Migrating To ROCK? The article states the following:

In many cases you will need to re-configure Roon to find your storage devices. This could happen, for example, because your USB drive has a different path connected to ROCK.

If you need to update your storage configuration after restoring your database, please follow these instructions.

Make sure to follow the instructions above to edit your existing storage configuration. Adding a new storage configuration without removing the old configuration can cause file identification issues.


I believe what I did was disable all current watched folders and then added a new watched folder. I went from watching a folder on my MacBook to watching a folder on a USB drive connected to my NUC. Perhaps I erred in some way.

I did follow the guidelines you linked to. I poured over those instructions and made a real effort to follow them exactly. Could I have still screwed something up? Sure. But I believe I did what the guidelines suggested.

That will be it, the instructions say to edit the existing one … not to add a new one.

I’d recommend restoring your DB again, and then editing the existing Watched folder to point to the new file location.

Let us know how you get on.

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Yup, this is the right move @Brice_Lang.

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Huh. Okay I guess I misinterpreted the instructions. Thanks for catching that! I’ll try it tonight.

To be totally honest, the last time I tried to correct this issue on June 12, 2017, I failed. I got the same result. Obviously, I’m doing something wrong. I got frustrated, gave up, and have been too lazy to try again until now. I’m going to dive back in today and see if I can work this out.

Hi @Brice_Lang ---- Thank you for touching base with us! Have you given the above, another go yet? Let us know, and if assistance is required we’ll be glad to help!

Looking forward to your feedback!

Thanks for checking in! Sooo…I abandoned this strategy and successfully implemented an alternative strategy. I didn’t even get around to trying to re-edit my watched folder because my database backup had been corrupted somehow. Reverting to that backup was the first step so I had to try a different approach. The vast majority of the music on my USB hardrive was mp3 which I didn’t really want to see and play anyway. Whenever an MP3 would pop up, I’d try to replace it with the album from Tidal which worked most of the time. I simply decided to quarantine these mp3s in a separate folder and not have Roon watch it anymore-- essentially removing it from my library. I pointed Roon to all my lossless quality albums on the hardrive so now my library basically consists of 90% Tidal albums and 10% CD quality and high res files. I’ll peruse my old mp3 library from time to time and if I want to listen to any of that music, I’ll just search for the album on Tidal and add it to my library. Running into this snag was a bit embarrassing for me, but ultimately I’m satisfied with the final result.

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