dBPowerAmp Question

I rarely rip CD’s these days so buying dbPoweramp is of little value.

I was wondering though if I could apply the AccuRip logic to an already ripped files to check validity against the rip database ? I can’t see on the web site if that is an option.

I’ve used dBpoweramp CD ripper for quite a while. I don’t recall seeing a feature that allows you to use AccurateRip on existing rips. I might be wrong!

I don’t think it’s possible with dBpoweramp Music Converter, but it is with another suite of programs they write, PerfectTunes.




Great answer. The good news is that PerfectTunes is cheaper than CD Ripper.

I believe you can use CUETools for this purpose.

@Mike_O_Neill do you know this?


many solutions with AccurateRip

I use CUE tools and never knew, I’ll check it out , thanks

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WOW - a bit embarrassed :sunglasses:

I have been using CUE tools for literally years for splitting the odd CUE/FLAC I saw the Accurip report after splitting , it never occurred to me it could just Verify – OOPS

Just what I wanted !! Thanks