DCS Rossini/TIDAL and MQA?

MQA has arrived at Tidal - Seems imminent in ROON sometime after the initial 1.3 release. Has anyone heard any word on DCS’s timeline to update for MQA?

Yes they wil, later…
But also Roon will be decoding the signal.
What sounds better?
The same with the upsample option in Roon 1.3.

That may be your opinion but Bob Stuart has a different view. See this from his Computer Audiophile Q&As.

Q43. Soft decoding:
a Will software decoding be allowed (and when)?
b Will software decoding get the complete benefit that will be possible with hardware MQA DACs? If not what will the differences be?
c Will a MQA decode software module be available for integration into third party music players that run on generic PCs and Macs?

a We already have software decoders for a number of hardware, portable and mobile platforms. In these three cases the decoder has the benefit of precise knowledge of the DAC and associated hardware.
b See A42, there is no inherent quality difference between MQA decoders unless they are operating in designated power-saving modes. However, it is inevitable that a properly designed hardware product, incorporating the decoder and DAC will give the better result. The performance level that MQA enables, allows hardware makers an even better environment on which to stretch their skills. For the audiophile, this should be very exciting.
c We do anticipate a program to enable such applications, but the requirement for tight DAC coupling and the obligation to match the previewed audio (in the studio) means that several combinations and options are still being explored with both DAC makers and creators of software players. We will make announcements in due course.

What sounds better in my set is “the winner” for me.
The rest is theorie.

End of August there will be a firmware update.
Bugs and MQA.

How’s RoonReady, MQA, and MQA over RoonReady working on the Rossini?

I spoke today someone of dCS on the xfi show.
“In a few weeks” the firmware upgrade wil be avaiable.

@Roony, Thanks for providing the digitalaudioreview article re: MQA on dCS. Can’t wait. I’ve been enjoying Tidal MQA tracks on my Lumin S1 for the past few months. The native Lumin iPad app is terrific for Tidal MQA integration as it shows the separate Tidal Maters category. Additionally, if you prefer to search Tidal by artist, all MQA albums display the MQA logo on the album cover. The Lumin also indicates when MQA fully decodes by showing ‘MQA Studio’ on the app and front panel.

Does anyone know if the native dCS iPad app is as complete as the native Lumin app?

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Lets wait for the update, i will let you know.

Hi all,

RoonReady working well on Rossini? I heard that it was flaky, at least in the first implementation. Would appreciate an answer as I am considering a Rossini+Clock.

Lets wait for the update, i will let you know.

Were you trying to answer my question? :slight_smile:

Mine has been nearly flawless. The only issues have been when I have updated my router or iOS on my computer/iPad etc… In each of those instances a reboot of the Rossini fixed the issues. The Rossini has way fewer issues than what I have experienced with other streamers, the interface is great and integration with ROON has been really great. And, it sounds fantastic.

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Loving my Rossini + Clock!

Excelent - The MQA update should be coming soon.

I auditioned the Clock separately from my Rossini and it did not seem to do anything at all to the sound. Afterward the DCS guys wanted me to give it another try because they thought the unit I tried had issues. Question for you: Have you used the Rossini separate from the clock? Have you heard any differences in the sound?

That escalated quickly… :wink: Congrats!

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Hehe… Not an indicisive man… :slight_smile:

Sound is magical. Compared to my previous DAC (EmmLabs XDS1v2), the shimmer of female voices is organic (it was slightly metalic with the EmmLabs), there is shape to instruments (if that makes any sense…), depth of the soundstage is massive, bass more defined, and finally no frigging little boxes like a microRendu (which is great in itself) to deal with. All built in. Welcome to the 21st century!!!

Check out the pics…


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Waiting for a break-in to do that…